November 28, 2022

A classical music show for children, part of the winning project of the Creative Europe Program

Let’s sing oratorio music!

December 5th2022 – Nuovo Teatro Orione – Rome, Italy

Finding happiness through Handel’s music. This is the leitmotif of the show”A Promised Land – Journey in search of happiness through the music of Handel” who will be on stage a Orione Theatre from Rome, Italy December 5 at 10.30 am

The performance is produced by the Accademia Musicale Europea (European Academy of Music) under the Artistic Direction of Daniela de Marco, is about a journey to happiness. It is the story of 4 friends who flee the war to land in the New Promised Land: Europe. the “four friends” are the winning singers of the International Sacred Music Competition in Rome, Italy: Francesca Mannino – soprano, Aurora Faggioli – High, Raffaele Feo – The tenor and the bass Giordano Farina.

His emotions will be narrated by the renowned Italian actor Vincenzo Bocciarellithe New Amadeus Chamber Orchestra led by M.° Stefano Sovereign and the Italian Chamber Choir.

The performance will include stories, stage movements, evocative lights to fascinate and attract children as they discover the music of the Baroque oratorio.

Art director Daniela de Marco says during the press conference:A Promised Land combines the splendor of Handel’s music with emotions, beauty and positivity. It transmits new transversal knowledge to children combined with a good dose of enthusiasm and optimism. We are having great success in the 4 Nations where we have carried out the project. And now we are looking for new partners to grow this project worldwide.”

“The journey to happiness has always been the purpose of man and today more than ever it is a metaphor for the times we are living in.” add Vincenzo Bocciarelli.

Figure 1 From left: director Stefano Sovrani, artistic director Daniela de Marco, actor Vincenzo Bocciarelli and bass Giordano Farina during the press conference introducing “A Promised Land”

2The other production of Let’s Sing Oratorio Music: Haydn’s The Creation with hundreds of enthusiastic children and teenagers (May 2022, Teatro Rendano, Cosenza, Italy)

A Promised Land is part of the European project “Let’s sing the oratorio” winner of the Creative Europe Program co-financed by the European Union in collaboration with the Silesian Theater of Opava (Czech Republic), the M. Jora Bacau Philharmonic (Romania) and the Panhellenic Federation of Choirs and Choral Directors (Greece) .

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