November 28, 2022

Iraq War veteran and suffrage lawyer Chris Deluzio took an early Tuesday night lead over former Ross Commissioner Jeremy Shaffer in the race in Pennsylvania’s newly redesigned 17th congressional district.

The district includes all of Beaver County and part of Allegheny County. Most of the region was represented by US Representative Conor Lamb, who chose not to seek re-election.

After 9:45 p.m., Deluzio, the Democrat, had garnered nearly 59% of the votes counted compared to about 41% for Republican Shaffer, according to unofficial tallies.

At that time, unofficial tallies showed that a total of just under 200,500 votes had been cast so far.

All votes counted as of 9:30 p.m. were from Allegheny County. Beaver County had yet to release preliminary results.

State Department data shows the vast majority of mail-in and absentee ballot applications this year — about 70% — came from registered Democrats, according to Tribune-Review’s press partner Spotlight PA. In Allegheny County, those ballots were reported shortly after the polls closed. All of the Democrats there showed dominant initial runs.

Deluzio, 37, of Aspinwall, campaigned on pledges to fight for federal abortion protections, defend the right to vote, create more jobs in the United States, fund betterment infrastructure and support other veterans.

He said his experiences serving in the military in Iraq after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, working as a voting rights advocate and actively supporting labor unions helped shape his ideals.

If elected, he has pledged to join the bipartisan group For Country Caucus, which aims to provide military veterans serving in Congress with a “nonpartisan platform to work together to create a more productive government.”

Shaffer, 45, of Richland, has pledged to support law enforcement, fight inflation, balance the federal budget and advocate for term limits and campaign finance reforms.

Shaffer has said he is pro-life but believes abortion issues should be left to individual states.

As an engineer, Shaffer said he supports President Joe Biden’s bipartisan infrastructure bill and would like to see greater accountability for infrastructure maintenance so that a bridge collapse like this involving Pittsburgh’s Fern Hollow Bridge will not happen again.


• Deluzio, Shaffer Square in Pennsylvania’s 17th congressional district

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