November 28, 2022

Maggie Hassan reacts during election night in Manchester, New Hampshire on November 8.
Maggie Hassan reacts during election night in Manchester, New Hampshire on November 8. (Charles Krupa/AP)

Democratic Senator Maggie Hassan retained her seat in New Hampshire on Tuesday evening. She took the stage at her Manchester Election Night headquarters around 11.15pm ET to supporters chanting “six more years!”

Hassan thanked his supporters before greeting his opponent, Republican Don Bolduc. She silenced the crowd when they began to mock the mention of Bolduc’s name.

“I want to take a minute to thank Don Bolduc for a hard campaign and I want to thank Don Bolduc for his service to this country. We have differences, but we share a love for this country,” Hassan said, before delivering his message of unity to Granite State voters. “I promise you, Democrats, Independents and Republicans – the people who voted for me and those who did not – that I will continue to work every day to serve you faithfully, to listen to you and to work with you to meet the challenges facing your families, our state and country.

Hassan’s victory speech focused on bipartisanship, with a commitment to work across the aisle on the economy and a nod to the issues championed by his opponent on the track.

“I will continue to reach out to colleagues on both sides of the aisle, to identify shared goals, common ground and compromise needed to help families and small businesses meet the challenges they face, such as the high cost of housing and childcare,” Hassan said. “Of course, to have a functioning economy, we have to be secure. The safety of our citizens and our nation is always the first responsibility of government. And I will continue to work to support our brave men and women in law enforcement and to keep our country safe.

Meanwhile, Bolduc, whose campaign had been buoyed by a flurry of polls in recent weeks, addressed his supporters just before 11 p.m. ET, acknowledging Hassan’s win to the crowd but noting he didn’t. hadn’t yet called on the Democrat to concede at that time.

“Maggie Hassan won,” Bolduc told a thinned-out crowd at her Manchester Election Night headquarters, “I was told protocol was to call her first, but I’m not one to respect the protocol. I wanted to tell my supporters first.

The Republican added: “It’s not a loss. We woke up a lot of people. I hope we put her on notice. And I hope she does the right thing for New Hampshire.”

Bolduc read excerpts from Rudyard Kipling’s “If” to the crowd of supporters before telling them, “Right now, in this country, there are a lot of ifs.” We did something here in NH. We created a rumble.

“We didn’t win today, but imagine ‘if’ we continue to unite, if we shake hands, if we decide that they work for us and we don’t work for them,” continued retired US Army general, “We demand that they do the right thing for us, our children and our great-grandchildren […] if we can do it, even if we lose, we will win.

Bolduc, who previously sang “Country Roads” on stage with the band on Tuesday night, concluded by telling the room to “live free or die, baby” — a reference to the Granite State motto.

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