November 27, 2022

AJ Woods displays good coverage skills in the Pittsburgh secondary, demonstrating good game speed. Hula Bowl scout Joel Titus breaks down Woods' strengths and weaknesses as an NFL prospect in his report.
AJ Woods displays good covering skills in the Pittsburgh secondary, showing good game speed. Hula Bowl scout Joel Titus breaks down Woods’ strengths and weaknesses as an NFL prospect in his report.

Player data

Name, jersey number AJ Woods, #25
Establishment code) PPT
Date of birth, class year 03/28/01, Sr.
Size weight 5110th, 195th
40 yard dash 4.48e
Arms, Hands Unknown
Position/Depth DC/1st
Honors / Captain
Season seen (year) 2022
Games watched TNUN, NYSY, @NCUN
Scout Name / Date Joel Titus/11-18-22

Statistics per year (most recent first)

2022 11 games, 27 tkls, 2 tfls, 13 PD,
2021 11 matches, 26 tkls, 0.5 tfl, 7 PD, 1 FF
2020 6 games, 17 tkls, 1 int, 1 tfl, 2 PD
2019 3 games, 1 last tkl

Player Summary:

Average build, height and weight. Short, muscular top half with a lanky, leaner bottom half. Worked to become a starting CB for PAPT this season. AA sufficient. Features good game speed and explosiveness. Confidently takes receivers vertically with his speed. Shows great balance as he rarely stumbles in cover. Shows good instincts, knows where to guide receivers routes to submission. Displays sufficient tenacity. The toughness gaps lie in his willingness to tackle and his desire to provide running support. Shows ordinary game strength through its press ability and running support. Becomes handy in the press but fails to disrupt the release of a receiver to snap. Shows a medium contraction as it does not react quickly to certain break routes. Shows sufficient agility: enough to be a sticky blanket, especially man-to-man. Displays average to good movement skills. Shows a big pedal and bursts. Uses these tools to great effect in vertical play. Shows good footwork and excels at stepping back with his feet. Loses footwork with sharp receivers. His displayed hip and transition game is sufficient, he can handle most of the competition he faces. Shows the average recovery speed. In these rare situations, it has trouble hunting. On the cover, it is especially good. He exhibits good confidence in his hands, always confident that he can win a physical tangle with his hands. Desires to grapple and seize shrewdly. With this trend, it shows great quality in men’s covers. In press, he doesn’t tend to pin players on the line. Compensates for this in man with his physicality, his mirror and his pedal beyond liberation. Shows average route knowledge, especially on breakers with sharp angles. Could anticipate these routes with more frequency. In the zone, he shows sufficient capacity. Responds well enough to avoid being a liability. When the ball is in the air, he shows a less sought after side of his game. Shows sufficient awareness, but misses opportunities to glance at the ball. Shows average ball skills. Fills medium PBU opportunities. He is happier disrupting a route than disrupting a hold. He shows mediocre hands, likes to break rather than catch. Versus the race, it is sufficient. He shows good ability to sustain the run but is not a solo tackler. He shows below average ability as a last line of defense, not showing the confidence to be in this situation. Shows below average tackling, does not show strong desire to tackle.

Schema adjustment:

Off-man or area coverage corner

declaration of power:

Physical CB coverage that offers excellent men’s coverage. Displays good speed of play which would make him a great asset on special teams.

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