November 28, 2022

The Senate impeachment trial against President Trump continues - Photo credit: Mario Tama/Getty Images

The Senate impeachment trial against President Trump continues – Photo credit: Mario Tama/Getty Images

Virginia Giuffre, the has spent more than a decade pursuing legal action against the late Jeffrey Epstein and his associates for sex trafficking her when she was a minor, and today, November 8, settled a federal defamation lawsuit against attorney Alan Dershowitz. In a joint statement, the two announced that they have “unconditionally dismissed all pending litigation” without either side being paid. A court record obtained from Rolling Stone confirmed that all parties also waived the appeal.

Since 2014, Giuffre had claimed Epstein trafficked her to Dershowitz for sex at least six times, beginning when she was 16. Now she says she may have made a “mistake” in identifying him as one of her abusers. “I was very young at the time, it was a very stressful and traumatic environment,” she wrote in her statement, “and Mr. Dershowitz has consistently denied these allegations from the outset.” She added that the lawsuit — and Dershowitz’s counterclaim — has been “distressing” for her family, “and we believe it is time to end it and get on with our lives.”

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For his part, Dershowitz said Giuffre was to be “commended” for admitting her possible mistake. He is also expected to drop a separate defamation lawsuit against her former attorney David Boies, whom he successfully removed from the case in 2019.

Dershowitz — who, in addition to being friends with Epstein, served on his legal defense team when the financier was accused of procuring a minor for prostitution and later helped negotiate the infamous “honey” plea deal that ended the FBI prevented from further investigating his human trafficking ring – also celebrated with a live stream of his series The Derschau on the right video site Rumble. In the 30-minute recording, he criticized what he called “the #MeToo at any cost movement” and said he would like to start his own movement called “#MeToo, I’ve been falsely accused.”

“Listen, don’t feel sorry for me,” he continued, “I’m going to live through this. I’m not going to jail, no prosecutor has ever even suggested that I’m guilty of anything. It was just that one person who said — and now she’s saying she wasn’t sure, and she realizes she may have made a mistake. So have no sympathy for me, have sympathy for a person serving a prison sentence based on someone who may not have been sure but expressed certainty on the witness stand and was believed. That is now the true victim of our system of injustice, especially when it comes to women blaming men.”

Giuffre’s lawsuit against Dershowitz stems from a 2014 court filing she filed in a challenge by two other Epstein victims to the non-prosecution agreement that had shielded the sex offender from a federal investigation without the knowledge of survivors since 2007. In that document, Giuffre described how Epstein loaned her out to Dershowitz for sex. When that claim surfaced again in a 2018 series Miami Herald Articles exposing Epstein’s legal maneuvers, Dershowitz accused her of perjury and attempted extortion. She then sued him for defamation in 2019.

Earlier this year, Giuffre settled her lawsuit against disgraced Britain’s Prince Andrew, another Epstein pal she accused of raping her when she was a minor. That resolution included a £12 million ($16 million) donation to Giuffre’s sex trafficking survivors, Speak Out, Act, Reclaim (SOAR). The sum was to be paid in part by Andrew’s mother, Queen Elizabeth II.

A remaining lawsuit surrounding Giuffre is a defamation lawsuit filed in 2021 by another Epstein accuser, Rina Oh. The lawsuit relates to Giuffre’s October 2020 tweets alleging that Oh was Epstein’s girlfriend and co-conspirator, not a victim, and had recruited young women into his human trafficking ring. Giuffre’s counterclaim states that Oh slashed her leg during a “sado-masochistic” act performed for “Epstein’s amusement,” while Oh alleges that it was Giuffre and Epstein who sexually assaulted her together.

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