November 30, 2022

Basketball Daily Fantasy will get a lot of votes as the best sport to play on FanDuel because it’s much simpler to predict than baseball or soccer. Players usually keep the same amount of time and produce at about the same rate. Looks easy, right?

As a result, the NBA Daily Fantasy relies heavily on player opportunities, so be sure to stay up-to-date on major injuries. Our predictions are updated tip-off to reflect the latest news, there are player news updates and the FanDuel Scout app sends push notifications for urgent updates about players.

In situations that change too quickly, we have many tools to help you out. We have daily predictions, matchup heat maps, lineup optimizers, and other great resources to help give you an edge.

We’ll also come to you with this primer every day, and break down some of the best plays of the day from each position.

Let’s break down FanDuel’s main slate of the day.

Slate and major injuries

Dallas Orlando 214 110.5 103.5 30 17
Denver Indiana 235 120.3 114.8 15 5
Portland charlotte 219.5 112.0 107.5 23 11
Utah Atlanta 228 112.5 115.5 13 6
Detroit Boston 225.5 106.3 119.3 12 27
New York Brooklyn 222 109.5 112.5 9 24
Houston Toronto 224.5 107.3 117.3 7 22
New Orleans Chicago 234 118.0 116.0 18 15
Memphis san antonio 234 119.8 114.3 19 2
Milwaukee Oklahoma City 218 112.0 106.0 14 8
Phoenix Minnesota 223 112.3 110.8 27 three
LA Lakers LA Clippers 220.5 108.0 112.5 4 20
Cleveland Sacramento 227.5 115.8 111.8 24 10

We played 13 games and got a hectic injury report after an Election Day break.

We’ll start by watching the first absence again on Monday. Trae Young (Shin) missed it, and he’s listed as suspicious in Tonight’s Tilt Against Utah. Jared Vanderbilt (groin) I’m suspicious of jazz.

Rookie Paolo Banchero (ankle) doubts he will miss his first career game against Dallas. Mavs enter Orlando under Christian Wood. (knee), Tim Hardaway Jr. (hips) may also be excluded from the lineup.

Zuru Holiday Bugs with an ankle injury is suspicious. This is noteworthy in Oklahoma City, where spreads are tighter than usual. Alexei Pokusewsky (Shoulder) I have doubts about the Thunder.

Chris Paul (Heel) is questionable for the Suns in Minnesota tonight. The T-Wolfs are back in full force after a disease bug earlier this week.

The Grizzlies may not be without starting center Stephen Adams. due to ankle problems

In Chicago, the Pelicans may be missing out on Larry Nance Jr. (knee). The Bulls have Andre Drummond. (shoulder) is also listed as suspicious on the bench.

Watanabe Yuta (ankle) can once again sit for a spin in Brooklyn.

Finally, the Lakers will get LeBron James back. For tonight’s showdown with the Clippers. But Ronnie Walker (disease) is still a question mark.


top floor of Luka Doncic ($11,800) It’s hardly even worth discussing at this stage.

Despite a season-high five turnovers and fewer than usual rebounds, Doncic re-bursted the FanDuel 56.3 points with another 30 runs on Monday. The Mavs won’t be without Christian Wood and Tim Hardaway Jr. tonight, so the 7-point spread on the low Magic is much less scary.

behind him, Daunt Murray ($9,900) When Trae sits down, he’s back on the table. Murray is averaging sporty 1.42 FanDuel points per minute off the floor. Easy pivot for both Zamorant ($9,800) and Shai Gilgers Alexander ($9,800) Young is also playing when he hears the strong and late news.

Terry Rosier ($8,000) Had a cold Monday and shot 9-23 on the field. His 31.0% utilization is still staggering for the Charlotte team, with LaMelo Ball and Gordon Hayward missing..

Grayson Allen ($4,200) and bookbinding carter ($3,800) As value plays here, many runs should be shown instead of Jrue Holiday.

surprisingly, Benedict Mathurin ($5,700) It hardened from the starting point of the Pacers on Monday. Instead of, Andrew Nemhard ($3,500) It was a draw and played 34 minutes. Too much for Nembhard’s salary. Jamal Murray ($5,900) Three of his past four are solid mini stacks opposite with 30+ FanDuel points.

Nembhard leads numberFire’s guard prediction on Wednesday, but Josh Gidey ($6,100), Tre Jones ($5,700), Marcus Smart ($5,600)and Patrick Beverly ($4,300) — Coming back from illness — isn’t far off.


In the situation where there is no Juru Holiday this year, Giannis Antetokounmpo ($11,600) An average of 1.86 FanDuel points per minute was outrageous.

Oklahoma City’s 8th-highest pacer Giannis woke up to see the 70’s due to a point guard injury. he obviously Kevin Durant ($11,200) and Jason Tatum ($10,300) From the top layer of this wing. Both are currently scoring well, but have been disappointing with their recent salaries as they haven’t been able to make stable contributions in other areas.

Brandon Ingram ($7,700) This is Giannis’s next best bet. with him Jack Lavigne ($7,000) Seems like a phenomenal budget way to handle a total of 234 points in Chicago.

Ben Simmons Back in just 15 minutes on Monday, Brooklyn Lois O’Neill ($4,800) and Joe Harris ($3,800) It is once again appearing in our expectations.

We hit the wall with Toronto’s options at Pascal Siakam.continued absence of OG Anunovi ($8,300) and scotty barnes ($7,800) They get very high salaries for mixed-use trees. Gary Trent Jr. ($6,000) This is the only payroll effective way to attack this scoring system.

surprisingly, Marcus Morris ($5,300) The Clippers wink win. He played at least 34 minutes in six games in a row. Terrence Mann ($5,000) and Norman Powell ($4,200) The last match was over 28 minutes.

Morris leads numberFire’s predictions on the wing. Dylan Brooks ($5,400), Dorian Finney Smith ($4,300), Jeremy Sochan ($4,200)and Patrick Williams ($4,100). I’d like to avoid Harrison Barnes, who is a good thrower, but as his cold shooting spell continues, he’s dropped to 22 minutes in the last competition.


really, Nikola Jokic ($10,700) — Someone I’ve been selling with my teammates all year long — not a bad choice today compared to his alternatives.

Indiana’s total score of 235 is a record high of the day, and on Monday Yokick broke through the 60 fan duel for the first time this year with Murray and Michael Porter Jr. ($6,700) in the lineup. The days of “he could drop 80 FanDuel points off your dome if you fade him” are over, but he can survive this low salary.

Behind him is a car accident. Anthony Davis ($10,500) salary is too high, Carl Anthony Towns ($9,600) Most likely you will be in the same boat as Rudy Gobert ($8,100) come back domantas sabonis ($9,200) That’s fine, but the FanDuel score per minute averages just 1.29 points, which is the highest salary level you’d want to pay in a tough game against Cleveland.

The $7,000 range is where slate comes to life again. Julius Randall ($7,200) Together with Mitchell Robinson, it remains the Knicks’ de facto center. sideways. Forward Obitopin ($3,700) He played the second most games in the New York frontcourt after Randall on Monday.

On the other side of Sabonis Jarrett Allen ($7,100) It is projected well in our model. The same can be said about ivica zucchini ($7,000). Zubac chewed this same Lakers in October for 45.9 FanDuel points.

Miles Turner ($6,600) Got 60.9 FanDuel points on Monday, and most likely bought grass again tonight, at least. Jalen Smith ($5,500) Nor is it a bad value plug from the same Pacers as opposed to Jokic.

Al Horford ($5,100) He currently deserves a higher salary as a full-time center in Boston, and he once again surpasses our expectations for a big man today. Behind him include: Jacob Poeltl ($6,500), Evan Mobley ($6,400), Kelly Olinick ($5,600)and Maxi Kleber ($3,700)Who should see additional burns instead of Christian Wood.

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