November 28, 2022

Faribault and Northfield Public School Districts have asked each voter for more money to support schools during Tuesday’s general election.

Faribault asked three questions in front of the locals and Northfield asked two questions.

The first question to Faribault was that they kept their current charges for 10 years.

The other two questions asked for funding for technology and more working capital.

Question 1 passed Faribault 5,559 to 4,813.

Question 2 failed from 6,199 to 4,145.

Question 3 failed from 6,252 to 4,118.

Two incumbent members and two new members have been elected to handle the finances of the Parisbolt Public School District.

Former State Representative Linda Boudreau won 5,561 votes.

Chad Wolff, current Chairman of the Board, was followed by 4,597 votes.

Linda Moore earned 4,276 and incumbent John Bellingham earned 4,060.

Here are the rest of the results:

Appointed to fill Carolyn Treadway vacancy with 3,725 Lee Ann Lechtenberg, 2,935 incumbent Courtney Cavellier, 2,735 Michael Cross, 2,315 Tom Hanson and 1,174 Damian Baum.

Northfield School District Question 1 proposed renewing the capital project levy, passing 9,050 or 68.81%, passing 4,103, or 31.19%.

Question 2 was the approval of an additional capital project levy that would raise approximately $4 million to $10,750 over the next 10 years. It surpassed 7,610 (58.34%) and climbed to 5,435 (41.66%).

Elected to the Northfield Public Schools Board are Jenny Nelson (5,870 votes), Ben Miller (5,708 votes), and Jeff Quinnell (5,634 votes).

The total remaining votes were 5,025 for Robert Coleman, 4,009 for Tom Baraniak, and 3,977 for Ricky Antonio Livingston.

Parisbolt City Council makes history with the first Somali representative out of three elected.

The incumbent Thomas Spooner and Peter Van Sluis retained 4,710 and 3,932 votes, respectively.

Councilor Jana Viscomi has chosen not to run again, making Adama Youhn Doumbouya the newest member of the Faribault City Council. He got 2,635 votes.

Canyon Mayor Doug Henke won re-election on Tuesday, beating challenger Trina Kalvig 473 (63.92%) 253 (34.19%).

Former Police Chief Lee Sjolander of the Canyon City Council was elected with the most votes of 610 or 46%. Kimberly Helgeson got 455 or 34.31% to get another seat.

Bailey Ament received 138 (10.41%) and Jack Metcalf (117 (8.82%)) votes.

The new mayor of Cannon Falls is Matt Montgomery after the residents got 1,111 votes (61.72%) in their own way. Rebecca Youngmark got 673 votes (37.39%).

Marty Kelly retained the sheriff’s post in Goodhue County by winning 12,701 votes (57.71%), compared to contender Joshua R. Hanson at 9,265 (42.10%).

The County Commissioner’s District 4 total was Jason Majerus with 2,956 votes or 62.65% of the vote in 10 districts, and Tina Hostager with 1,755 votes, or 37.20% of the vote.

Mayor of Goodhue is Ellen “Terry” Anderson Buck with 352 votes (69.02%). Wayne Hahn won 148 votes (29.02%).

In the Steele County Sheriff primary, incumbent Lon Thiele received 9,446 votes (59.59%) and challenger Darrin Helget received 6,388 votes (40.30%).

Brian Daniels has been re-elected to the State House of Representatives to represent District 19A. Daniels got 10,615 votes and challenger Carolyn Treadway got 5,725 votes.

Senator John Jasinski nearly doubled his challenger Kate Falvey’s total of 22,452 votes to 11,911. Jasinski got more votes in all 53 constituencies in Gyeongju.

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