November 27, 2022

Gayle King has spoken candidly about how longtime friend Oprah Winfrey helped her divorce ex-husband William Bumpus.

On iHeart Podcast What now? With Brooke ShieldsKing revealed that Winfrey was the first person to find out about her ex-husband’s infidelity.

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King has had an impressive career as a news anchor and talk show host.

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She was born in December 1954 in Chevy Chase, Maryland.

She spent most of her time in Maryland and Turkey, where her military father was stationed, and he took his entire family with him.

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Upon reaching university, King earned degrees in psychology and sociology from the University of Maryland.

After graduating from King, she found herself in broadcasting, working as a news anchor and reporter for Kansas City.

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Her work experience in Kansas brought her to Hartford, Connecticut.

In Hartford, King worked as a news anchor at a local station.

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Her career in news reporting led her to meet her best friend, Oprah Winfrey.

But back then, they just didn’t know how close they would really be.

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The couple met on Baltimore TV long before they went public.

Winfrey worked at the Baltimore TV station, was the station’s news anchor, and King was a production assistant.

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But how did they become such good friends?

It all started with a blizzard in Baltimore.

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Winfrey suggests that King make the perilous journey home to her parents’ house.

But King was initially reluctant to go home, nothing she didn’t have to put on.

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Winfrey ended up letting King borrow her clothes.

The couple spent the evening talking, laughing, gossiping and bonding.

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But what brought them even closer together was the fact that they shared the same philosophies of life.

And not only that, but even liked the same people at work!

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King would eventually move to Kansas City to become a news anchor.

Winfrey made a name for himself in Chicago.

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But they didn’t let distance get in the way of their friendship.

King then became a talk show host for a time.

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She was a co-host on a show called cover to cover before directing her own show, The Gayle King Show, back in 1997.

Since then, King and Winfrey have made a name for themselves.

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And their relationship just keeps getting stronger as the years go by.

King recently made headlines…

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That CBS morning The host said she struggled after divorcing husband William Bumpus…

And her longtime friend came to her aid.

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The 67-year-old said Winfrey was the first person to learn of Bumpu’s infidelity on iHeartPodcast What now? With Brooke Shields.

“I was married to someone who found monogamy very challenging — which is difficult in a marriage,” King said.

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“I think if I didn’t have kids I would never have spoken to him again.”

She continued, “Oprah – who has never been married and has never had children – is one of the greatest therapists of all time.

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“If she had a second career, it would be a therapist.

“When I first caught my ex, I didn’t tell anyone except Oprah and my mom.

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“I knew I could trust them.”

King and Bumpus married in 1982, but their 11-year marriage ended in 1993.

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