Partnerships and Advocacy


Our goal is to improve quality of life of children with disabilities in communities using the Community Based Rehabilitation strategy (CBR).
The CBR programme has 3 core components that include:  Local CBR, Mobilisation of cleft and post burn patients and CBR outreaches.

Local CBR  
This programme coverage started with areas round CoRSU Rehabilitation hospital which included Katabi,  Kasanje, Sissa, Ssabagabo Makindye,  Subcounties and Entebbe municipality (South Wakiso). In terms of geographical coverage 96 villages and 5 sub counties were covered.  The programme has since expanded to cover districts of Mityana, Masaka and Kayunga since 2016.
Mobilisation of patients with clefts and Post Burn contractures
Patients with cleft lip/palates and post burn contractures are mobilised from all parts of Uganda to access affordable,
quality life changing surgery and other rehabilitation interventions at CoRSU Rehabilitation Hospital. CoRSU has a community Mobiliser who moves to all regions of Uganda to identify and refer patients in this category.     

CBR outreaches
CoRSU through the CBR programme conducts community outreaches where vulnerable disabled children in remote areas that lack rehabilitation services are identified,
assessed and referred to CoRSU Hospital for rehabilitation.  In addition, during outreaches the CBR team creates awareness about disability prevention, CoRSU services,
and lobbying local governments and civil society organizations for inclusion of children with disabilities in the mainstream programmes.
Target Group  
Our Primary Target group are Children with Disabilities (0-17 years). However if adults with disabilities are identified, they are assessed, counselled and refereed to seek rehabilitation interventions.    

CBR frame work
The CoRSU CBR programme is guided by the CBR Matrix shown below.                             

                                                                                                                                         CoRSU CBR structure




In order to live and realise the CBR goal, the following activities are implemented:  
•    Identification and assessment of CWDs,
•    Pre& Post counselling of clients,
•    Community awareness on Disability  and prevention
•    Training parents and Community volunteers in Disability / CBR related aspects
•    Provision of assistive devices
•    Conducting referrals
•    Eye screening and treatment outreaches
•    Home based Therapy,
•    Health educations,
•    Home visits and follow ups,
•    Facilitating and formation and monitoring of Parent support groups (PSGs)
•    Mobilisation of cleft and burns patients
•    School Disability Awareness campaigns
•    IEC (Disability awareness within the CoRSU Hospital)
•    Creating linkages with other organisations/ civil society organisations   
•    Home based learning for disabled children.
•    Capacity building for teachers and parents in inclusion  
•    CBR outreaches in  remote areas lacking Rehabilitation services/ Facilities