Joshua’s Story

Joshua is 12 year old; he was born with Bilateral Clubfeet. 

At the age of 3 years he was referred to Mulago Hospital for surgery to correct the deformity. 


However his father was reluctant to consent to the surgery due to the fear that his son may never walk after that intervention. 




At 9 years the deformity had worsened and Joshua experienced pain while walking to school and besides his fellow pupils made fun of him which made him dread going to school.  


Unfortunately his father passed away in 2009 and his hope of ever getting better was reduced. 


As a result, he dropped out of school due to the pain he felt while walking to school and the negative attitude at school.  


In February 2011, Joshua was identified by a CoRSU CBR worker who assessed and referred him for corrective surgery at CoRSU Rehabilitation hospital.  


After one year of intensive rehabilitation both at home and CoRSU, Joshua gained better mobility, attitude towards him improved and now lives a happy life and fully participates in home activities and as well going to school.