New Equipment for more accurate and pain reduced surgeries

Monday, 03 December 2012 09:11

With the support of our Donors – Heart for Children through CBM – Christian Blind Mission, CoRSU has acquired an X-ray image intensifier commonly known as the C-arm machine. The machine is from Siemens and was supplied through Pacific Diagnostics limited in Uganda and officially inaugurated on 4th April 2013; the first operation was done on the same day. This machine will mainly be used in orthopaedic surgeries in the operating theatres. It cost approximately EUR 51,000.00.

According to Dr. Antonio Loro, the medical director and an orthopaedic surgeon, the C-arm machine enables surgeons to do operations with more accuracy, especially if the surgical procedure involves use of hardware like screws, nails, plates, wires and external fixators. The Doctor clarifies that, with the use of this machine, surgeons can be sure that the hardware is put in the right places, thus reducing the risk of mistakes.
Dr. Antonio Loro further explains that the machine is very important when operating on children or adults with angular bone deformities.  The corrective surgery for this limb deformity requires insertion of plates, screws and wires for alignment of bones, thus the C-arm comes in handy. Children with these limb deformities make about 23% of the orthopaedic surgeries performed at CoRSU. Other conditions handled using the C-arm include; fractures, dislocations and bone infections.

“If you are in doubt while performing surgery you can get an intra-operative control before the patient leaves the operating room. In case of fractures you can control the alignment of the bones as you close the P.O.P (Plaster of Paris). Even when the plaster has set and has become hard you can still be able to look at the bones through it. If needed, a radiograph can be taken for proper recording”. Explains Dr. Antonio Loro

According to Dr. Michael Mukasa, an orthopaedic surgeon, the C-arm improves accuracy in every surgical procedure a surgeon does because it can enables him/her to take intra-operative x-rays when doing surgery. He continued to explain that the C-arm also allows surgeons to make smaller incisions for the operations that are performed.

About the C-arm

An X-ray image intensifier or C-arm machine refers to a special image intensifier device used in medical imaging involving x-rays. It allows for lower x-ray doses to be used on patients by magnifying the intensity produced in the output image, enabling the viewer to easily see the structure of the object being imaged.

This mobile imaging system (C-arm machine) is a precise and accurate device that allows for less patient discomfort in a variety of surgical and nonsurgical procedures. The minimal invasiveness with the use of C-arms has lead to the increase of more cost-effective outpatient care. Operations and other procedures (such as removal of metallic foreign bodies) may be carried out with minimally invasive, pain-reduced procedures (closed sky type of surgery). However since the machine emits radiations surgeons and patients are exposed to the risks of the radiations themselves; protective gears are needed when using the machine, such as lead aprons, special goggles and gloves.

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