November 27, 2022

According to a WalletHub study of the 182 largest US cities, these are the safest and least safe cities in the country. The researchers analyzed the data in three categories: home and community safety, natural disaster risk, and financial security. Safest Cities: 1. Columbia, Md. 2. Nashua, NH 3. Laredo, Texas 4. Portland, Maine 5. Warwick, RI. 6. Yonkers, NY 7. Gilbert, Ariz. 8. Burlington, Vt. 9. Raleigh, NC 10. Lewiston, Maine. Least safe cities: 1. St. Louis 2. Fort Lauderdale, Florida 3. San Bernardino, California 4. Detroit 5. Baton Rouge, La. 6. Memphis, Tenn. 7. Oklahoma City 8. Oakland, Calif. 9. Jackson, Miss. 10. Chattanooga, Tenn.

The state of Nebraska and a collection of other states have won two settlements worth more than $16 million over data breaches that compromised the personal information of millions of Americans.

Nebraska will receive a total of $139,279 in settlements, Attorney General Doug Peterson said in a news release.

The larger settlement relates to a breach in 2015. In September of that year, credit reporting firm Experian reported that it suffered a data breach when an unauthorized person gained access to part of its network that stores personal information in the name of the mobile phone company T-Mobile. More than 15 million people, including 4,790 Nebraskans, who applied for credit with T-Mobile were affected.

Experian settled with the states for a total of $12.67 million, while T-Mobile settled for $2.43 million. Both companies also agreed on several measures to increase their surveillance and security measures.

Under the terms of the settlement, Experian will also be required to provide five years of free credit monitoring services to affected consumers, as well as two free copies of their credit reports annually during that period.

Experian will also pay $1 million to settle the multistate lawsuit related to the 2012 breach. The press release said the breach occurred when Experian Data Corp. failed to prevent or provide notice that occurred when an identity thief posing as a private investigator was given access to sensitive personal information stored in the subsidiary’s business databases.

The T-Mobile settlement is unrelated to a separate data breach the company announced in August 2021. That incident is still under investigation.

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