November 28, 2022

The NFL season is a feature of fall every year. With 32 teams, there are many unique names, mascots, and color combinations between them. While some teams have a clear animal or human mascot, like the Miami Dolphins or the Minnesota Vikings, some are more obscure, like the Cleveland Browns or the Pittsburgh Steelers.

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However, none of the NFL teams have an official Pokemon mascot yet. Picture this: a halftime Pokémon battle between the pets, just for fun. Wouldn’t that be epic? Our goal today is to get the ball rolling and come up with potential Pokémon mascots for several iconic NFL teams.


10/10 New York Giants: Regice

Regice on a soccer field

Here’s a sad fact: the New York Giants currently don’t have a mascot. Given all the potential of the “Giants” name, that’s surprising. Maybe we can help them out by providing them with a Pokemon mascot Regice, one of the Legendary Titans.

Regice pairs well with the Giants for several reasons. As one of the Pokémon Titans, it’s tall, worthy of the team’s name. It is light blue in color, complementing the dark blue well of the Giants. And, as a type of ice cream, it would fit in well with the colder New York climate.

9/10 Green Bay Packers: Miltank

Miltank on a soccer field

The Green Bay Packers are another team without an official mascot, although they are known for their iconic Cheeseheads, a hat shaped like a huge block of cheese. It’s a tribute to Wisconsin cheese production.

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In keeping with the dairy theme, Miltank could make a great Green Bay mascot. Miltank is the Pokemon Milk Cow, and is likely the source of Moomoo Milk and Moomoo Cheese in the Pokemon games. Just put Miltank in the iconic Packers Cheesehead hat, and they’re the perfect mascot for the Green Bay team!

8/10 Pittsburgh Steelers: Klinklang

Klinklang on a soccer field

The Pittsburgh Steelers are named after the city’s steel industry and fittingly have a steel worker as their mascot, Steely McBeam. To go along with this legacy and meaning, it’s only fitting that their Pokemon mascot be Steel-type, like Klinklang.

Klinklang is a great choice for the Pittsburgh Steelers simply because he clearly appears to be steel. Klinklang’s circular design, consisting of three smaller gears against one large one, is slightly reminiscent of the Steelers’ own logo, which features three stars on a white circle within a silver hoop.

7/10 Tennessee Titans: Lucario

Lucario on a soccer field

The Tennessee Titans have one of the most epic names in the NFL, but only have a raccoon, T-Rac, as their mascot. To take their mascot game to the next level, Lucario would be the perfect Pokemon for the team.

Lucario not only has blue fur close to the Titan team colors, but he also has raccoon-like features that pair him well with the team’s current mascot. Additionally, Lucario is a very popular Pokemon, giving it a legendary reputation befitting the name “Titans”.

6/10 Los Angeles Chargers: Manectric

Manectric on a soccer field

The Los Angeles Chargers do not have an official mascot, despite the potential of their electric name and theme. Luckily, Pokemon have plenty of Electric-types that would make great Charger mascots. Manectric, the Discharge Pokémon, is the ideal choice.

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Manectric is perfect not only in its electric-like connection to the Chargers lightning bolt logo, but also in its colors. Manectric has a light blue and yellow color scheme that matches the Los Angeles Chargers color scheme.

5/10 Minnesota Vikings: Toxicity

Amplified Form Toxicity on a Football Field

The Minnesota Vikings have Victor the Viking as their mascot and need a Pokémon with the same tenacity to match the spirit of the team. Toxtricity would be a great mascot for the Vikings, especially in his amped up form.

The amplified form of Toxtricity is its evolution from Toxel if the Pokémon has a certain nature, such as Brave, Hardy, and Rash, to name a few, all of which accurately describe the football player personality. In Toxtricity’s amplified form, he is also purple and gold, the same colors as Vikings.

4/10 San Francisco 49ers: Solrock

Solrock on a soccer field

The San Francisco 49ers are one of the football teams in the Golden State, named after the infamous gold rush in California history. Fittingly, Sourdough Sam, the team’s mascot, is a gold rush prospector. To accompany him in rooting for the 49ers, Solrock would be the perfect Pokémon mascot.

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The warm colors and stony look of Solrock make it look like a nugget of gold, a nice tribute to the 49ers. As a Rock type, he also fits the Gold Rush theme of the San Francisco team.

3/10 Dallas Cowboys: Cacturne

Cacturne on a soccer field

The Dallas Cowboys, affectionately known as “Team America,” deserve a Pokemon mascot that fits into their Old West theme. To accompany their current mascot, the cowboy Rowdy, the Pokemon Cacturne is a suitable choice.

Cacturne resembles a cactus, a staple of the Wild West landscape and a common plant in Texas, the team’s home state. Additionally, Cacturne’s stoic and menacing expression balances out Rowdy’s bright smile, giving the Dallas Cowboys a menacing mascot to strike fear into the opposing team.

2/10 Kansas City Chiefs: Zamazenta

Zamazenta on a soccer field

The Kansas City Chiefs are a powerhouse in the NFL, deserving of a Pokémon mascot that matches their dominant energy. Zamazenta, one of the Legendary Pokemon from Generation 8, is a good fit for the team as a fighting type.

Beyond the Pokémon’s spirit, the shape of Zamazenta’s crowned shield resembles an arrowhead, which is part of the Kansas City Chiefs logo. Zamazenta also shares some of the red tones in the Chiefs’ color scheme. Additionally, his wolf appearance makes him a complementary companion to the current Chiefs mascot: KC Wolf.

1/10 Seattle Seahawks: Hawlucha

Hawlucha on a soccer field

The Seattle Seahawks are a hard-hitting team that plays with a lot of passion for the game. Their blue hawk mascot, Blitz, is appropriately named after aggressive defensive play. To go along with this persistent team, the best Pokemon for mascot work is Hawlucha.

As a Fighting-type bird Pokémon, Hawlucha not only matches the assertive energy of the Seahawks, but also their hawk logo. Hawlucha’s teal accents are similar to the Seahawks’ green tones, and his form is similar to the current mascot, Blitz.

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