November 29, 2022

On Tuesday, Republicans gained ground in their momentum for control of the House, but Democrats appeared to stand up for their stand against far-right Republican candidates in important areas, holding onto to defend a minority majority.

Republicans are moving closer to securing the five seats they need to dominate the party, overturning a few important House seats in Florida and Virginia. That would put them in a position to disrupt President Biden’s policy agenda and aggressively scrutinize every move he makes.

A major primary that could determine control of the Senate remained too close, but the Democrats won the decisive seat in Pennsylvania with Lieutenant Colonel John Fetterman’s victory.

Far from the red blood baths Republicans expected in their fight for control of Congress, early results indicate that Democrats have held back the darkest forces that have historically left significant losses to the presidential party in the midterm elections. This raised the prospect that the Republican Party, led by the right-wing, which had a predominance of right-wing loyalties to former President Donald J. Trump, would win a majority in the House. Even if they target power, they will have a hard time fulfilling the basic mission of governance. Score political points against Biden and Democrats.

California House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said in a statement, “It is clear that Democrats and candidates are significantly exceeding expectations across the country.”

By the end of Tuesday night, voters had delivered mixed verdicts, at least ostensibly after an unusual election cycle driven by concerns about soaring inflation and rising crime. The president, groundbreaking Supreme Court ruling overturning abortion rights, and the aftermath of a right-wing uprising – Trump and his influence are looming in everything.

Republicans have claimed two vacancies held by Democrats in Florida, which have re-districted to include more conservative voters. In at least one race, the stubborn right-wing Republican Anna Paulina Luna was to replace Charlie Crist, a retired moderate Democrat.

Republicans won an important seat in Virginia Beach after Virginia Representative Elaine Luria, Democrat and member of the House Committee investigating the January 6, 2021 riots, yielded to Republican Senator Jen A. Kiggans.

“Please don’t boo.” Luria told her supporters. Supporters were clearly outraged when they admitted defeat at the campaign party. “The success of this region depends on its success.”

But by the early hours of Wednesday morning, Republicans were still within range of a House majority, but missed a decisive opportunity to win seats including North Carolina, New Hampshire and Ohio after they nominated far-right candidates. I support Trump’s false claim that the 2020 presidential election was stolen.

The Republican Party has the worst median performance since the 1980s, with the exception of 2002, when the Republican Party won the majority after President George W. Bush’s surge in popularity after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. attack.

South Carolina Republican Senator Lindsey Graham told NBC: “It’s not a Republican wave. It certainly is,” she said.

In Washington, the Republican mood subsided. At midnight, a hotel banquet hall in downtown Washington where Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy of California, where Congressman Kevin McCarthy had planned a victory party, was quiet and mostly empty.

When he finally showed up just before two in the morning, McCarthy predicted that his party would win the majority within hours. Although many of the major primaries that could determine control have not yet been convened and it seems unlikely for a while.

“We are expanding this party,” he said. “If you wake up tomorrow we will be the majority and Nancy Pelosi will be the minority.”

Democrats clashed with far-right Republicans in critical areas of central Virginia and primaries in Rhode Island and New Hampshire, thwarting the GOP’s hopes of an early and overwhelming victory.

Rep. Marcy Kaptur of Ohio, a 20-term Democratic Representative, barely deterred air force veteran JR Majewski, who held a rally in the Capitol on January 6th. his military service.

After Republicans nominated Bo Hines, a 27-year-old political novice and once Trump-backed football player, Democrats took a new place in the conservative suburb of Raleigh, North Carolina.

While polls show that economic and public safety concerns are top of the list for voters, the Democrats in crisis have largely focused on the final argument on protecting abortion rights and protecting democracy, if these issues don’t. It promises to energize independent voters and women enough to allow for vulnerable voters. Democrats raking in.

For many of them, the bet seemed to pay off.

Rep. Abigail Spanberger, who helped Democrats secure a majority in the House with her 2018 victory, barely survived a challenge from far-right Republican and Sheriff Deputy Yeslie Vega. Democrats were optimistic that one of the most likely candidates, Spanberger, would be able to defeat Vega, who has come under scrutiny for remarks that a woman’s body prevents her from being raped if she becomes pregnant. They worried that a loss in the northern Virginia suburbs would signal a difficult night to come.

Democrats were also relieved to hold a vacancy in Rhode Island, an area that was at risk when Biden won by more than 12 points but Republicans ran centrist candidate Allan Fung.

The former mayor, Mr. Fung campaigned to become a “voice of moderation” in Congress, but barely lost his seat to state secretary Seth Magaziner. His defeat signaled that even the best candidate Republicans would not be as easy as they have traditionally hoped to advance into the green area.

And in another unexpected turn, Colorado’s far-right legislator Lauren Boebert faced the unexpected challenge of former city councilor Adam Frisch in an area where Trump won by nearly eight points in 2020.

Republicans were still held by Democrats, but were confident that popular incumbent lawmakers, including areas in Wisconsin and Arizona, would fill the vacant seats.

Defying hopes that Democrats will win in major national primary primaries, but ironically, New York’s Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney, chairman of the campaign committee responsible for defending the Democratic majority in the House of Representatives, struggles to maintain his legitimacy. There was. his own place.

Despite mixed results, Republicans are on track to add far-right Republican candidates to the secure Republican seat, cruising, multiplying their numbers and adding to the increasingly influential right wing. They were poised to elect a few in the Capitol, with dozens of candidates negating the legitimacy of the 2020 election and a January 6th-ever Trump loyalist stormed the building, obstructing Biden’s certification of victory.

In Oklahoma, fourth-generation rancher and former state senator Josh Brecheen would replace Senator Markwayne Mullin, running for the Senate. As a state legislator, Mr. Ms. who introduced a bill against evolutionary education in schools. Brecheen has promised that he will not be “bred into being “moderate and not tamed by the Republican establishment into debt spending”.

Republicans appeared to be moving towards a House majority, thanks to major victories from the candidates the party had struggled to recruit over the years. They were women and people of color (many of whom had strong personal stories rooted in military service).

But the Republican majority in the House is likely to be formed by the party’s stubborn far-right. Members of this party show little interest in the legislature and instead resemble Trump’s image, demonstrating a strong desire to seek revenge on the Biden administration. .

Months before Election Day, right-wing lawmakers were already calling for the House’s majority to impeach Biden and other cabinet members, including the Secretary of State, Attorney General and Homeland Security Secretary.

A Republican-led House of Representatives with a small majority may struggle to maintain government funding and prevent the country from defaulting, which will disrupt the global financial system. And some far-right lawmakers have publicly threatened to wield majority power to block the flow of US aid to Ukraine.

Annie Carni, Stephanie Rai, Emily Cochrane and Luke Broadwater contributed to the report.

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