November 27, 2022

Several businesses burgled over the past month are likely connected, police say, and those responsible could also be linked to a fatal police pursuit accident in Dallas over the weekend.

Security footage shows three people breaking into a tattoo shop in Grand Prairie in the early morning of November 7.

The suspects were inside the store less than three minutes, but owners say the suspects made off with $30,000 worth of equipment.

“I honestly feel hurt,” said Kati Ambriz of Good Pain Artworks Tattoo & Piercing Shop.

The store was opened by Ambriz’s father just last month.

“Oh, that was his dream,” she said.

After decades of doing part-time tattooing at home while still working a full-time job, Ambriz’s father finally got to tattoo full-time.

“I don’t understand how people can even think of doing something like this to a small business – and other small businesses,” she said.

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Now, Garland police say businesses in at least eight north Texas cities, including Mesquite, Arlington, Pantego, Grand Prairie, Hutchins, Dallas, Duncanville and Garland, are connected to the burglary and a deadly police chase Saturday night .

“The officers tried to stop the vehicle, the vehicle didn’t stop, it swerved,” said Richard Maldonado of the Garland Police Department.

On Saturday night, Garland police began chasing a white Tahoe believed to have been used in the burglaries.

The chase ended on Greenville Avenue in Dallas when the Tahoe lost control and overturned on its side.

There were five people in the vehicle at the time of the accident. One of them, a 16-year-old, died.

18-year-old Dallas resident Joey Jarvis reportedly drove the Tahoe. He faces murder charges for causing the crash.

Bernabe Giles, a Garland passenger, is accused of involvement in organized criminal activity.

Garland police say the other people could also be charged.

“We’re trying to put everything together. Yes, there could be more charges,” Maldonado said.

According to Garland Police, the officer found 5 firearms, including three AR-15 pistols and two handguns, in the vehicle.

‚ÄúProperty crime is one thing. Property with guns is different. So they used guns in those crimes,” Maldonado said.

A different vehicle was used in the burglary at the Good Pain Artworks Tattoo & Piercing Shop, but Grand Prairie Police have confirmed to FOX 4 that Jarvis is considered a person of interest.

“They just load whatever they took with them,” Ambriz said.

She hopes the Grand Prairie police can find enough evidence to charge the individual.

“You have to work hard for your stuff. You can’t just take it,” said Ambriz.

Garland Police have not yet released any information on how they linked the burglaries.

FOX 4 has requested affidavits with warrants to hopefully get more information.

Police are asking any other broken-in businesses who believe there may be a connection to contact their local police force.

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