November 28, 2022

Paramore aren’t exactly the first band you might think of putting on a show where arguments could erupt, but that’s exactly what happened at a concert the band played in Toronto, Canada earlier this week. The pop-punk/emo superstars, who performed at the city’s history venue on Monday night (November 9), were only four songs into their set when the crowd in front of them appeared to erupt, as per a fan-filmed video is documented, which has since been uploaded to social media.

Recognizing the excitement as Paramore blows through Caught in the middlefrom 2017 After laughter Album, singer Hayley Williams asks her bandmates to stop playing. “Everything OK?” she asks as the video pans around to capture the effects of the apparent rumble. “Okay, are we having a fight?” She adds, before noting, “Oh man. How do you think this is like a terror show?” Obviously upset by the situation, Williams goes on to point out that Paramore are “not a hardcore band” before scrutinizing everyone involved and urging the two culprits to “shut up separate”.

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