1 Billion SHIB Giveaway Launched by Amazon SHIB Burner: Details

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Yuri Molchan

This SHIB burning platform intends to gift one billion Shiba Inu to its followers, runners up would get 300 million SHIB


  • Winners will receive SHIB 1 billion and 100 million
  • SHIB burning via MEXC exchange

@shib_superstore The Twitter account of smartphone game creator Travis Johnson, which regularly burns SHIB, celebrates a small milestone in increasing the number of followers.

It has reached 10,000. To celebrate, Johnson tweeted that he would be giving away a billion Shiba Inu meme coins worth $ 12,500.

Winners will receive SHIB 1 billion and 100 million

At the current exchange rate, this USD amount can buy you just over one billion SHIB – 1,022,913,256 tokens.

The one billion SHIB will be given to the lucky person who first fulfills the task on time. A runner-up, the giveaway webpage says, will receive 100,000,000 SHIBs. This amount can be awarded to three people with a maximum value of $ 1,250 per winner. This is SHIB 102,291,325 as of press time.


Travis Johnson is known for being the first to start using Amazon’s affiliate program to burn Shiba Inu. He regularly buys SHIB with the commissions he receives from Amazon sales and burns these tokens.

SHIB burning via MEXC exchange

In one of these previous tweets, the creator of the game also spread the word that he intends to start burning SHIB via an affiliate program with the cryptocurrency exchange MEXC as well.

On September 1, commissions began arriving from this source, Johnson said in the tweet. They are charged for trading by those who follow the link from its online store. Additionally, the game’s developer said he will use 60 percent of those trading fees to burn Shiba Inu tokens.

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