10 Anime That Remind Us To Count Our Blessings

Anime is often fun and action-packed, but many series produce stories with serious life lessons. Characters are often developed based on real-world situations, so it makes sense that anime with valuable life lessons are so recognizable. Although the anime is fictional and intended as entertainment, some very authentic messages remind fans to count their blessings.

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Some anime have experiences that are so violent that fans immediately think. Of all the anime that produce memorable scenes and arouse numerous emotions, some are more inspiring and suggestive in making fans appreciate certain aspects of their life.

10 It is a blessing to have patience and to give grace to others (Demon Slayer)

There are many reasons to be grateful when considering how Demon slayer play. Tanjiro’s ability to accept Nezuko, although she is no longer human, reminds fans that it is a blessing how people can give grace to others. Rather than killing Nezuko because she was a demon, Tanjiro knew it wasn’t his choice and wouldn’t give up. Consequently, Nezuko also believed in him.

Tanjiro also sees the good in demons that were once human. This is a reminder to see the good in people in everyday life. It’s easy to judge a book by its cover or judge people by their choices, but no one really knows who someone is deep inside.

9 Be grateful for the chance to live life without apologizing (Death Parade)

Parade of death it is a psychological story that revolves around life and death. When players who have died unknowingly engage in a game where they believe their loss will equal their death, they show who they really are.

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It’s not unusual for people to reveal their dark sides when their lives are in danger, but fans understand one thing from every game.it is being grateful for the ability to live without apologizing. No one is perfect, but hiding shouldn’t be necessary to be accepted or loved by others. Living life fully while appreciating every part of yourself is something you should love before it’s too late.

8 Always be grateful for true friends (fruit basket)

Although there are many funny moments Fruit basket, it’s a dramatic story that doesn’t fail to make fans sobbing uncontrollably. It involves beloved characters who are cursed and not appreciated by their own families.

It’s sad to see heartbreaking events unfold, but fans learn they should be grateful and grateful for friends who never leave their side. Tohru was blissfully naive, but she always expressed her gratitude to the Sohma for welcoming her and accepting her for who she was. Even her friends, Hanajima and Uotani, have remained by her side for better or for worse.

7 It’s a blessing to be average sometimes (man with a fist)

Some people dream of training their body to become the fittest person they know. Others may train their brains to be the smartest, and some may want to perform at their best in their workplace. While having goals in life is necessary, Man with a fist it shows that wishing to be the best at something may not be as great as it seems.

Saitama being the strongest hero is actually more of a burden to him. He’s bored with being the best, which reminds fans that it can sometimes be a blessing to perform on average. If one becomes the best at something, there will be no more room for improvement or challenge.

6 Be thankful for life and second chances (Clannad)

Many events take place in cland where fans learn to count their blessings. The most obvious thing is how grateful one should be for one’s family. If someone is capable and willing to forgive, family members can always take advantage of more than one chance.

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From cland it also demonstrated how life could change in the blink of an eye or be resumed in a split second, it is also important to live life to the fullest. cland has the ability to remind fans that human beings are strong and able to change their entire outlook on life, regardless of the unfortunate events that have happened previously.

5 Love Peace and Quiet (Attack on the Titans)

Attack on the Titans the world is filled with constant fear. At any moment, the lives of those who are precious to someone can be taken, and it happens so often that it is practically normal. With so much chaos, fans are reminded how peace shouldn’t be taken for granted.

Not to be confused with boredom, peace is tranquility or the existence of a disturbance-free environment. In reality, there are no huge man-eating Titans, but the stress from school, work, and everyday life can feel like being chased by one. Everyone needs peace in their life to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the world. Having peace in your life should be greatly appreciated.

4 Appreciate the ability to act and live life without regrets (Angel Beats!)

Angelo beats! it is a story of loss and regret among adolescents who disappeared at a young age. Since they died before they can get many firsts, they have to accept what they have lost in life. It’s sad, but it reminds fans that they now have a chance to do something extraordinary with their lives instead of waiting until it’s too late.

When reminded of how much regret people sometimes face later in life, fans are reminded that they can turn a mundane life into something extraordinary. Often people are afraid of doing what seems exciting, but Angelo beats! it really gives fans the motivation they need.

3 Take the opportunity to make your dreams come true (Naruto)

Fan of Naruto I can’t deny that her story is inspiring. A little boy with a dream of being the Hokage of the Hidden Leaf has stayed true to himself and made his dream come true, despite having fought some of the toughest obstacles. Naruto constantly lets fans know that they are lucky to have a chance to achieve their goals.

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With the right mindset, you can do or become anything you want. With hard work and resilience, anyone can get through life and make their wildest dreams come true. He may have taken Naruto some time, but he never hesitated to do what he wanted. Fans undoubtedly have the opportunity to do the same.

2 Be grateful for the opportunity to make meaningful connections (Assassination classroom)

In Assassination classroom, students are taught how to fight and kill their alien teacher before he destroys the Earth. While it has its share of hilarious moments, the ending is so sad that it makes fans appreciate the authentic connections.

Too often, people focus on their roles in communication and don’t really care about listening to others. Koro-Sensei, however, was a phenomenal teacher who valued his students and took the time to learn their strengths. In return, his students showed him the same respect. Assassination classroom remind everyone that they are blessed with the opportunity to connect with others to achieve a common goal.

1 It is a blessing to help those in need (Wonder Egg Priority)

When Ai has to face monsters that manifest out of fear, he literally has to face his fears and fight them. Soon, Ai helps others do the same. Touching serious and traumatic topics, Wonder Egg Priority motivates fans to be grateful for the help they get from others. Likewise, it also reminds fans to reach out and help others when they have the opportunity.

If someone is lucky enough to get over the trauma, they could, if they feel comfortable, share their experience and help those who are struggling in similar situations. Remembering that everyone has the power to make a difference in someone else’s life is truly a blessing.

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