2 Top Cryptos Worth a Look This Crypto Winter

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A crypto winter is fully underway. As a result, even the most popular cryptocurrencies aren’t experiencing the love they used to be.

The rise in interest rates had a general impact on the valuation of risk assets. And with investor sentiment near multi-year lows, it’s clear this market could be turbulent for some time.

As a result, many looking for a rerun of last year’s incredible bull market run may be disappointed for some time. We may be in a trading range for some time here, with cryptocurrencies downed the rule rather than the exception.

That said, for those looking to add exposure to some of the best cryptocurrencies, here are two top picks that I think are worth considering right now.

The best cryptocurrencies: Solana

Solana (CRYPTO: SOL) is one of the fastest growing smart contract ecosystems and one of the fiercest competitors of Ethereum. With the upcoming Ethereum merger on the horizon, many investors may be looking to isolate other blockchains with upside potential. After all, if hitches occur, Solana could be a big beneficiary right now.

This blockchain has seen impressive growth due to its ultra-fast processing speeds and ultra-low transaction fees. This has become the basis on which numerous projects have proliferated in recent times.

Notably, in March, Solana launched a “build your online store” application on its blockchain: Solana Pay. This application allows users to develop a storefront and accept low-cost global payments directly into their wallets without the need for a credit card or bank. Since its launch, more than 600 merchants have been involved in Solana Pay.

Even more interesting, Solana has actually opened a shop in the real world. Recently, a Solana store opened in New York, the first cryptocurrency store of its kind. This shop is a collaborative effort of several ecosystem partners and the Solana Foundation.

These types of projects provide the growth potential that many investors are looking for. There are headwinds with Solana (network outages are the main concern); however, I think in the long run this is a project that should continue to receive a lot of attention from aggressively growing investors.


In the past 12-18 months, Avalanche (CRYPTO: AVAX) has also attracted considerable attention from growing investors. This is because the Avalanche network has seen a surge in developer interest in part due to this network’s status as another rival to Ethereum.

Many of the same catalysts Solana saw took the Avalanche token to incredible levels last year. This is one of the fastest blockchains in terms of time to finality, a key metric in the world of cryptocurrencies. It is an operational and relatively cost-efficient blockchain. These are the types of growth drivers that interest long-term investors.

Avalanche’s goal is to become one of the fastest and most scalable blockchains, without compromising security. So far, it seems that most of the community agrees with this thesis. However, a recent report from Crypto Leaks questioned the ethical nature of Ava Labs (the parent company of Avalanche).

The Avalanche team disputed the various claims outlined in this report. For Ava Labs, it’s all about technology and there’s nothing in the allegations in this report. For investors bullish on Avalanche’s long-term growth prospects, this recent decline could be one of the best opportunities to buy AVAX tokens at a discount.

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