November 26, 2022

A nationwide search is underway at The Village to find a replacement for City Manager Bruce Stone, who earlier this year announced his retirement in January 2023 after 37 years with the City.

A total of 31 applicants submitted resumes for administrative positions in suburban Oklahoma City, a city of 9,660 residents.

“We received 21 full applications directly based on published position profile conditions and an additional 10 partial applications through LinkedIn’s ‘Apply Now’ feature,” said City Attorney Jeff Sabin, who is leading the search to replace Stone. said. “This is within my scope of expectations.

“City manager positions come up quite often, but I think they’re very rare in a community of The Village’s size, proximity to a major subway, and economic and political stability,” Sabin said. “I think the average tenure of a city manager is between four and six years nationally.”

In September, the City Council published job postings and posted job profiles/recruitment brochures on job placement websites including International City/County Management Assoc, National League of Cities, Oklahoma Municipal League, and similar sites in Texas, Kansas, and Missouri.

“We received applications from all over the country,” Sabin said.

“People who are interested in or have experience in city administration are usually members of these professional organizations or follow the interest groups we have targeted,” said Sabin. .”

An initial review and screening of applications has been completed and preliminary interviews with finalists have been conducted by Sabin, Mayor Sonny Wilkinson, and Councilman Bubba Symes (the longest-serving member of the City Council).

Interviews with the finalists are scheduled for the week of December 5th, and the appointment and announcement of the new city manager has yet to be decided. Villages have a city manager form of government, with city managers overseen by an elected council. The office of mayor rotates annually among members of Congress.

The 2.5 square mile City of The Village is the 45th most populous in Oklahoma. It is home to the headquarters of Love’s Travel Stops & Country Stores, the OKC FRIDAY community newspaper and the Casady School. reports that the average home value in the city is $146,000, with 64% of homes being owned and 36% of homes reported as rented.

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