49ers news: John Lynch doesn’t regret missing on early draft picks — ‘We’re going to play the best players.’

The draft process continues to prove to be a hoot for the 49ers. However, you can make a persuasive argument that this team is better drafted on Day 3 than it was on the first two days.

You don’t get a gold star for picking Nick Bosa or Deebo Samuel to fall into your lap. But you’ll get applause for finding George Kittle, DJ Jones, Dre Greenlaw, Azeez Al-Shaair, Matt Breida and others on the final day of the draft.

The rhetoric about running backs on social media has turned into “don’t waste draft picks on them.” However, seven of the NFL’s top 10 rushers were drafted in the second round or earlier. The other two are early third-round picks. The last one was Elijah Mitchell.

As is the case with any position or pick, some players and players won’t make it. In Niners’ case, Trey Sermon and Jordan Mason are the most recent examples. Mason has yet to play an NFL game, but impresses the coaching staff more than the recently abandoned sermon. General manager John Lynch admitted they had no idea what Mason would become, but were encouraged by what they saw in the preseason.

Lynch was asked if there’s anything unique about scout running back, or if it’s a more unpredictable position, given the team’s success with undrafted and low-round prospects:

“That’s a good question. We’ll always be looking at the process we do every year. One thing I don’t think we’re going to apologize for is being successful in the later rounds, whether it’s [New York Giants RB] Matt Brida or [RB] Jeff Wilson [Jr.]those guys weren’t even picked, and JP Mason and [RB] Elijah Mitchell. very happy. We don’t consider it a badge of honor.

Some teams, they are very grateful for their draft selection. Like they’re not going to move on from the draft. We are not that team. We’re going to play against the best players, but we’re also not a team where we’re going to prove a point and let everyone know we’re going to cut a third-round pick. I am not happy to do so. Every pick that isn’t great, I personally think. Everyone does it. “

I totally agree with Lynch’s point of view or train of thought. Most teams get 7-10 picks and a bunch of undrafted free agents in the draft. The goal is to hit 3-5 of these players. Common sense tells you that the best players are at the top of the draft, so these are the picks you have to be sure of.

But we have Lynch/Kyle Shanahan’s tenure as proof that’s not how the NFL draft works. So, especially in this case, if Mason, Mitchell, or Ty Davis-Pryce end up being productive guards during their rookie contracts, why would teams scoff at Preaching?

It’s one thing to re-guess an early selection of running back, but it’s clearly a position where the 49ers feel the investment is critical. It’s hard to say, “How dare you choose between Oklahoma and Ohio State.”

Lynch believes in the team’s process:

“We had a good process and I think our last round of success, I always come back, I think it’s a real synergy between the personnel and the coaches. That’s why I think we’re going to attack those guys. I I want you to look back at our history, some running backs who didn’t make it, we’ll take a hard look at it, but I have a lot of confidence in the team, and I’m very confident in that as a whole, and I think it’s a good roster. gave us a chance. I remember being [former NFL head coach] Mike Shanahan. He was. Almost every meeting. All you can ask for is a chance in this league, and this team, because of its construction, has a chance. It’s a good feeling to enter the year. ”

It’s luck to run into these undrafted free agents. Breda averaged 8.7 and 7.9 yards per push in his first two seasons in South Georgia. He’s a monster, running over 1,400 yards in both years. Then, as a senior, he averaged 3.8 yards per push. This caused Bredia to lose the election.

We’ve seen Bredia firsthand as an NFL runner. Mason’s story is not that different.

At Georgia Tech, Mason averaged 6.1 and 5.2 yards per carry. Then, the Yellow Jackets had a 5-star recruit who came in and won the freshman job. Part of it is the politics of getting kids to make commitments. Freshman Jamie Gibbs is now Alabama’s starting running back for Nick Saban.

Assistant general manager Adam Peters talked about how the team found Mason:

“Yeah, he was beaten by a very talented guy in his junior and senior years and was transferred to Alabama this year. Gibbs was his name so it really got dug up [area scout] Warren Ball, he’s our Midwest scout now, our Northeast scout, but he cross-checked the running back.Then he dug him out and just looked at a bunch of tapes and said, “I really like this guy.” I remember him texting me four days before the draft, “Watch this guy,” So I look at him, coach [Anthony] Lynn looked at him and we thought he was there with everyone. So thanks to Warren for finding him, obviously, I think he’s a great fit for us. ”

During training camp, Mason quickly became famous. While moving the ball, he single-handedly ran a three-team offense. Then, in the preseason, things were pretty much the same.

His success is underestimated because of who his opponents are.A few yards behind, if any That The line just cemented Mason’s place on the roster. Speed ​​and decisiveness are how you thrive in the Shanahan system. That’s what you see with Mason, and that’s why he’ll have a chance to play for the 49ers this season.

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