7 Different Types Of Ants And Ways To Get Rid Of Them

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As a homeowner in Maryland, USA, you may come across different types of ants wandering from your door to the kitchen in search of food. The area may be mainly infested with black ants, carpenter ants, or even fire ants. Other ants that can affect and threaten your home are odorous ants and sidewalk ants.

To help you check what types of ants have infested in and around your home, here is a comprehensive list of the seven most common ants found in the United States. Also, by reading this, you will be able to learn more about the ways to get rid of it in no time.

Types of ants and ways to get rid of them

1. Carpenter ants

Carpenter ants get up in spring and their colonies can live for about 3-6 years. You can find them in firewood, decks, sheds, walls, attics, and water damaged or rotten wood. They might bite if you pick them up; however, the bites are not that painful.

How to get rid of carpenter ants?

Carpenter ants dig into wood but don’t eat it. They are more attracted to sweets, meats and fats. To get rid of it, you will need to remove the dead or dying trees surrounding the house and repair the water damaged wood. It will prevent them from nesting in and around your home.

2. Fire ants

Fire ants are the most common ants in the south and southwest. They mainly nest outdoors and are attracted to bread, jelly, sugar, and chips. Their sting can be painful and can trigger allergic reactions, which may require immediate medical attention.

How to get rid of fire ants?

It is not possible to completely get rid of fire ants; however, you can control their infestation by putting the bait. You can also do an application of transmitted insecticide for fire ants in lawn areas. You can choose to treat each mound separately if the surrounding area isn’t infested with more than one or two mounds.

3. Thieving ants or fat ants

Thieving or fat ants are small and can sneak into your home and go unnoticed. They usually eat fatty foods such as potato chips. They usually settle near other nests to raid them for their larvae and eggs.

How to get rid of thieving ants?

Thieving ants can be eliminated with the help of the bait. You can keep a small amount of greasy bait near areas where you have spotted ants. If ants nest outdoors, the baits may not be as impactful. Instead, locate the nest to manage it directly by following the ant’s tracks.

4. Pharaoh’s ants

Pharaoh ants are small and can become transparent due to their brown to yellowish chest. You can find them in places with unlimited food sources, such as grocery stores, hospitals, hotels, and restaurants. They carry salmonella and various diseases that can cause various problems.

How to get rid of pharaoh’s ants?

There are several ways to get rid of pharaoh ants from your home, one of the most successful ant baits. The worker ants will bring the bait to the nest for feeding, which will result in the elimination of the entire colony.

5. Ghost ants

Ghost ants are mainly found and thrive in tropical climates. Their colonies have various queens and nests. However, controlling them can become really difficult as they often build a colony. They don’t usually bite because they have an uneven, rounded chest, but they can nest in homes and cause discomfort.

How to get rid of ghost ants?

To help you get rid of ghost ants, you should keep the shrubs trimmed and keep the firewood within 20 feet of your home. However, you can use the same control techniques mentioned for pharaoh ants.

6. Argentine ants

Argentine ants can number hundreds and thousands. They reproduce quickly, so if one colony is eliminated, another can quickly take its place. That’s why finding and eliminating them all at once is critical.

How to get rid of Argentine ants?

Argentine ants can expand through sprouting, and you can choose to follow similar techniques used to kill pharaoh ants.

7. Field ants

Field ants usually nest in lawns and can be up to 6 feet in diameter and 2 feet in height. They can also nest in parks and gardens.

How to get rid of field ants?

To get rid of field ants, you can seal entry points to keep ants away. You can also apply non-repellent insecticides around windows and doors, especially for this purpose.

For more information on pest control in the state, check out the Maryland State Pest Control Association website. Provides various pest control tips, educational resources, information on contractors near you, and more!

How to avoid an ant infestation?

  • Clean up food crumbs and any type of spill in your home
  • No food should be stored outside the pantry and food is stored in suitable airtight containers
  • Try not to leave dirty dishes
  • Clean jars that contain sugary substances
  • Sweep and wash floors regularly
  • Keep the surfaces in your home dry

These are some steps you should take to avoid ant infestation. However, if pest infestation has increased, it’s always a good idea to call a pest control company. The two best companies you can turn to in this case are Orkin and Terminix. However, if you’d like a detailed breakdown of these two industry giants, you can read the in-depth Orkin Vs. Terminix review.


Now that you know how to get rid of the common types of ants found in Maryland, USA, you should take the proper measures. Also, make sure you don’t keep any food out and uncovered in your home. If the infestation increases, always make sure you take the help of an extermination company as it helps bring down the infestation.

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