7 Places You Can Spend Your Bitcoin in London

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency. It is one of the newest forms of money and is rapidly taking hold all over the world. Find out more about what Bitcoin is and how you can use it to buy sweet London souvenirs!

Can you spend Bitcoin in London?

With Bitcoin so new, there are still many traders who don’t accept this form of currency, but there are some that do. One tip when considering cryptocurrency as a form of payment: you need to keep a look at the market prices of cryptocurrencies.

Here are some shops in London where you can spend your Bitcoins:

1) Fifth dimensional tattoo and piercing

It is true that this is a niche offering; however, tattooed fans of cryptocurrencies can add to their body art and accessories at company Fifth Dimension Tattoo & Piercing.

Based in Shoreditch, the studio often hosts guest tattoo artists and is rapidly growing a reputation for high quality vegan ink tattoos and piercings.

2) Totem hair

Staying on the subject of appearance, it is now possible to book and pay in Bitcoin for a mobile hairdresser who visits your office in central London to get your hair cut. This is a fast growing service worth considering.

3) Off-white

Off-White luxury fashion brand is born accept payments with cryptocurrencies in April 2022. Accepted coins include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Circle’s coin, XRP, Tether and USDC. Off-White has partnered with Luna, which will provide the technology to bridge the gap between crypto and fiat currencies. Luna provides a contraption running live auctions to determine the real-time price of the cryptocurrency in the target fiat currency, for instance, Stirling. Once the crypto has been converted to fiat, the retailer receives the correct amount.

There are independent arbitrage to ensure that the process runs smoothly and accurately. This represents another sign that cryptocurrency is ready to enter the mainstream.

4) Philipp Plein of Mayfair

The shop of the famous designer Philipp Plein accepts Bitcoin. The fashion icon, known for her flashy style and bold designs, has agreed to accept cryptocurrency.

Initially, the store will open as a pop-up store with plans to become a fixture offering high-end fashion in the fall of 2022. Customers can check prices using QR codes found on in-store products. 5% of sales are expected to be completed using a cryptocurrency; this matches their online sales experience.

5) Etsy

It’s not just London stores that you can support by spending your Bitcoins with them. For example, you can find small London-based independent artists, artisans and merchants who accept Bitcoin as payment for their products.

6) Amazon

At the moment it is not possible to pay directly on the Amazon site with Bitcoin. However, you can purchase Amazon gift cards using ccryptocurrency as a payment. After purchasing an Amazon gift card. then you can pay any reseller or merchant using Amazon Marketplace; this includes all London-based companies using the platform.

7) Starbucks

Who wouldn’t want a Starbucks to help revive you when you visit a city like London? Now it is possible when using an app like DELIVERY or Flexa to buy hot drinks and snacks.

Bitcoin has a bright future, and more retailers and businesses are expected to start adopting cryptocurrencies to pay for goods and services.

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