January 29, 2023

While Ginny & Georgia’s Georgia may be a cool mom who loves her kids more than anything, we’ve seen several red flags for moms over the two seasons, leading us to question her parenting skills.

We always look up to mom because she inspires us, takes care of us, and teaches us to be independent, among the many other things she inculcates in us, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a complicated relationship with her. Regardless of the love we have for each other, sometimes we just haven’t figured out how to get along, and that’s okay too! Relationships are very subjective, there will always be ups and downs, but some relationships are meant to stay like our new iconic duo Ginny & Georgia. The two seasons of this show showcase a different kind of mother-daughter relationship, one we’ve never seen on screen before, and while some of them will make you wish you’d share this with your mother, the rest will make you do so bring to love your own mom for what she is!

There’s an ongoing debate on social media about whether or not Georgia is a good mom, and the cases we’ve seen in both seasons have us conflicted about that. Ginny and georgia The relationship is much more mature and understanding and they might be a communication gap between them, but they do talk about some serious issues, something I wish more parents would do with their kids. But there were scenes where Georgia wouldn’t give space to her kids’ feelings, oh and the whole “murdered her ex-husband for sexually abusing her daughter” thing absolutely stunned us.

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Check out these 8 qualities of Georgia from Ginny & Georgia who got us conflicted about her abilities as a mother!

take someone’s life

No matter how much you love your child, murdering someone for sexually abusing your child is way too extreme. Georgia could have taken legal action against her ex-husband, kenny but she chose to kill him instead.

not support therapy

austin and Ginny need serious help when it comes to their mental health and during Ginny gets help in season 2, Austin’s Mental health still goes unnoticed. Georgia isn’t in favor of therapy because she believes it’s useless and doesn’t want to pay money “just to talk to someone”.

Steal for their children

It was hard for Georgia to lift alone Ginny considering she got them when she was 15. Things weren’t always easy and all Georgia used to steal to give Ginny the lifestyle she never had. As wrong as stealing is, how can you hate it?

Giving Ginny food from her plate

In a scene where younger Ginny and Georgia sit together at noon and Ginny asks for more food Georgia empties her plate to feed her because she couldn’t give her more!

Smoking with her daughter’s boyfriend

After catching Ginnys boyfriend in her closet, she called him over to talk to mom while they smoked together! It was good to see a show that broke the stigma of talking to fathers, but having the conversation while smoking isn’t the way to go. Georgia!

Walking away from toxic husbands for treating their children badly

Austin’s dad Gil wasn’t really a good father or a good husband. He was manipulative and abusive and Georgia did everything to protect her children and her future, and that’s why she set him up and cut ties with him. While she was really thinking about her kids, the framing bit was so extreme!

Not talking to their children about their feelings

She can talk to her kids about many things, be it their friends or sex education, which makes her such a cool mom, but she doesn’t allow them to talk about their feelings. We don’t need that in 2023, Georgia!

Every time she breaks up with a guy, she flies to a new city

It’s been like this since season 1! Whenever she’s done with a guy, she does Ginny and austin roam the cities with her like a gypsy, which never allows them to form meaningful friendships as she will soon uproot them anyway.

Are you as conflicted as we are about Georgia? Let’s talk in the comments below!

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