January 29, 2023

*A Georgia woman demands justice after her brother went missing during the Thanksgiving holiday, only to turn up dead in a Clayton County jail.

Terry Lee Thurmond III38, celebrated Thanksgiving with his family at his sister’s house. Lateral England. But when he left the celebrations, he forgot to take his phone with him and then the father-of-three disappeared, reports WSBTV.

England had not heard from her brother, who has a mental illness, until learning of his arrest and subsequent death in prison.

Thurmond was arrested, according to multiple reports, for entering security areas at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport without proper identification or a ticket. Thurmond posed as “an airport employee pushing you passenger in a wheelchairsaid TSA, as reported by the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

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Reportedly after his arrest Thurmon died Monday after a fight with officers at the Clayton County Jail. According to a coroner’s report, he has “tried to jump over a railing that was between 8 and 9 feet high when other inmates and officers stopped him.” Per WSBTV.

Here’s more from the news channel:

When Thurmond got back to his feet, he continued to fight and was tasered, the report said. It also said Thurmond was held down by officers for 10 to 15 minutes while he lay face down.

A few minutes later, Thurmond’s taser picks were removed. A few minutes later, a nurse began giving chest compressions and Thurmond became unresponsive, the report said.

England is urging authorities to release video footage of the incident.

“When she tased him, did he fall? Did he hit his head? What happened?” she asked.

“He is sweet. [He] had a few issues and I think it’s mainly because he had mental issues,” she explained.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation is reportedly conducting an inquiry into Thurmond’s death.

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