January 31, 2023

Online degree programs at UAB are among the best in the country.

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The University of Alabama at Birmingham’s online education program, UAB Online, has seen tremendous growth over the past 10 years, with a 117 percent increase in students enrolling exclusively in online courses. Recently, the US News & World Report 2023 Best Online Programs ranked two of the UAB Collat ​​School of Business online programs in the top 25 – the online degree in computer science and the online degree in economics.

“UAB Online offers the same world-class education that our personal Blazers receive from the same highly respected professors,” said UAB Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs Pam Benoit. “These rankings prove that our online students, whether they are in a blended or online-only program, receive the same educational experience from the comfort of their own home while having a flexible schedule through thoughtful and innovative online class technology.”

According to the 2023 USNWR online rankings, UAB’s Collat ​​School of Business Master of Science degree in Management Information Systems rose five spots this year to #4 in the United States. This is the first time a UAB program has ranked in the USNWR Top 5. Additionally, the UAB School of Engineering’s Master of Science degree in Engineering ranked 54th, nine spots ahead of 2021 and its best placement since 2018. The Collat ​​School of Business’s Master of Science in Accounting received a top-25 ranking and came in at #1.21 in the country – landing in the top 10 percent nationally.

In addition to the main rankings, USNWR’s top online bachelor’s degree programs ranked UAB 26th in the country for veterans, UAB’s online master’s degree in engineering ranked 33rd for veterans, a new ranking for the university, and its online MBA ranked 1st 35 for veterans.

“UAB Veterans Services staff takes pride in providing excellent service to all of our UAB online student veterans by ensuring their application is processed by the Veteran Affairs Regional Office to receive payments in a timely manner and without interruptions,” said Walter Stewart, director of Veteran Recruitment and Student Services at UAB. “UAB student veterans who begin and continue their education online experience a seamless process in utilizing their VA education benefits, the same quality of education and access to resources as veterans who attend classes in person. Our UAB veterans take online classes while on active duty in other states as well as other countries. Our UAB online student veterans are assured that our staff will make every effort to address any needs or concerns regarding their VA education services.”

Other notable rankings are:

UAB Online offers 11 online undergraduate programs, 25 online graduate programs, 13 online undergraduate minor programs and 28 online certificate programs.

USNWR online rankings evaluated 1,833 and 1,720 online bachelor’s and master’s degrees, the most in the history of the ranking. Undergraduate rankings are based on faculty credentials and training, services and technology available to students, student engagement, and expert opinion on the academic quality of programs. Graduate rankings consider these certificates in combination with outstanding student achievements.

The ranking of Veterans Programs is determined based on responses from major online surveys. To be eligible for inclusion, schools must be ranked in the top half of schools, be certified for the GI Bill, and either participate in Yellow Ribbon or be a public entity that collects state tuition. They must also be enrolled, which US News notes, “a critical mass of students with a military background,” defined as 25 students for the online undergraduate survey and 10 for the graduate programs.

Specialist rankings are based entirely on responses to the peer review survey. To be eligible for inclusion, a school must have received at least five ratings from peer institutions, be ranked in the main ranking survey, and have its specialty offering verified by peer rating or otherwise by US News.

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