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As investors prepare to enter the fourth quarter of 2022, they are eager to purchase as many digital assets as possible. Judging from Bitcoin’s previous four-year cycles, Bitcoin’s macro bottom and, therefore, all cryptocurrencies are expected to form in the fourth quarter if it has not already formed. Crypto projects that have been built across the bear market are all set to compete for the top spot and a new reflection token, Gnox (GNOX), is aiming for the top, looking to join established projects like Nexo (NEXO) and BitDAO (BIT).

The shift in investor sentiment will be violent and the next round of the bull market will be unlike anything the markets have ever seen before.

Gnox (GNOX)

Gnox is a sustainable passive income protocol and the developers have taken a new approach to passive income by building a treasury fund. Passive income protocols with buy and sell taxes have been seen many times before, but these projects typically divide investors’ starting capital among themselves. Gnox creates distributed treasure within DeFi (decentralized finance) to earn returns for investors.

This gives the protocol a steadily increasing revenue stream. Since only the return generated is distributed among the investors, never the principal, this steady stream of income has been difficult to build to grow over time. Gnox is the first protocol to offer agricultural yield as a service, and this low-touch investment vehicle certainly has the potential to attract huge amounts of cash.

Nexo (NEXO)

NEXO is the token utility of the Nexo ecosystem. It gives holders the right to lower loan rates and higher earning rates on the platform. Nexo is a highly sophisticated blend of a FinTech company and a centralized exchange. It offers access and deactivation ramps from fiat to crypto and vice versa and also facilitates loans in fiat against secured cryptocurrencies. This means that investors can access cash when needed or to trade leverage without selling their digital assets.

Nexo’s sleek interface and ease of use ensure that it will continue to grow and likely attract many new users.


BitDAO owns the largest DAO treasury within the digital assets space which owns billions of dollars in liquid assets. BitDAO was created as a platform that made it possible to gather people who wanted to bring the Web3 space forward. Using token swaps to fund its treasury, BitDAO then allocates its treasury resources to support various projects voted for by the DAO. These projects are all initiatives that seek to expand and improve blockchain technology.

Owning BIT allows users to vote on DAO proposals and become part of one of the biggest engines driving global decentralization forward.

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