February 6, 2023

Alaskan Bush People stars Raiven and Bear Brown introduce their newborn son to fans by revealing his name and an update on his health.

Raiven Adams and Bear Brown Alaskan Bushmen shared an exciting update with fans as they finally revealed the name of their second son. Bear has been keeping his fans updated on his growing family, most recently announcing that Raiven went into labor late last week. The father of two thanked his followers for their continued prayers during this time.

Alaskan Bushmen‘s Raiven Brown has always wanted to add to his family and is delighted to introduce fans of the newest member of the wolf pack Alaskan Bushmen and reveal his name. On Friday January 20th, Raiven Cove gave birth to Gabriel Caden Brown. The little boy was born weighing 7 pounds 15 ounces but had to be taken to the NICU.


In her post, Raiven shared a photo of her hugging Cove while he was sleeping and hooked up to hospital cords. Raiven revealed that Cove was born with a premature lung condition.

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Alaskan Bush People’s Raiven Brown gives health update

Raiven Adams and Bear Brown of Alaskan Bush People

Cove and River’s mother shared that she and Bear hope her son will have a short stay in the NICU after his birth at 38 weeks. Raiven revealed it to her Alaskan Bushmen Fans who are born Cove of legal age and have one “arbitrarily” problem was “frustrating.” Of course, Raiven can’t wait to be home with her two little boys and see how River reacts to being a big brother. Before finishing her post, Raiven thanked those who had prayed for her, noting that she would not forget the kindness of strangers.

Just a few days ago, Raiven’s husband, Bear, announced that he and his family had moved to Texas for the birth of their second child. The main reason for the move was the extremely bad winter weather in Washington. The hospital was a three-hour drive away, and Raiven was uncomfortable driving in wintry conditions. the Alaskan Bushmen star also shared that Raiven had the support of her family and felt more comfortable going to the Lone Star State for the birth.

Bear recently posted an unlikely update on his part when sharing it Alaskan Bushmen Fans that he felt his father, Billy Brown, around him. The “King of Extremes” revealed that he saw a construction toolbox in the hospital with the name Billy B and a yellow cross on it. For the Discovery Channel star, it was a clear sign that Billy was watching over his newborn son.

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Credit: Raiven Adams/Instagram

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