January 31, 2023

Edward Herrmann spent seven seasons portraying Richard Gilmore Gilmore Girls. To be honest, we couldn’t think of anyone who would take on the role of the stoic but caring Richard. Not even famed showrunner Amy Sherman-Palladino could. After Herrmann’s tragic death in 2014, Sherman-Palladino spoke about how Herrmann became Richard Gilmore, and the story is pretty incredible.

Edward Herrmann offered to read for Gilmore Girls after his agent said he would not read for the role

Amy Sherman-Palladino recalled the extraordinary circumstances that led to Ed Herrmann being cast as Richard Gilmore on TV Line shortly after his death in December 2014. She told the publication that while casting for the series, she kept coming back to the role of Richard Gilmore. Sherman-Palladino recalled wishing they could get Ed Herrmann, who was in high demand and respect at this point in his career. They took a shot and sent his agent a script.

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