An Israeli startup allows apps to be streamed on your car’s screen

The screen of our cars is no longer used only for music and navigation. But if you want to run, use or install any application on your car, you are at the mercy of great technologies like Apple and Google. Israeli OVO Automotive wants to allow companies such as car importers and large fleet managers to enjoy various applications in their development, without the need to install anything on the car screen. They can simply be streamed from the cloud.

From the cloud to your car

Ovo has created a cloud platform that allows you to customize your vehicle entertainment system so that it can run any application directly from the cloud, regardless of vehicle manufacturer or model. Importers and vehicle fleet owners can choose exactly which applications will run on their vehicles from an application store and how to customize the user interface to suit their needs or the needs of their customers.

The system created by the Israeli company allows applications to be streamed on the car screen and is independent from different car manufacturers or from different operating systems, such as CarPlay or Android Auto. “The service is streamed to the vehicle; it is not installed in the vehicle’s computer system. Therefore, there are no safety risks associated with it or its drivers,” says the company’s CEO and one of the founders, Dr. Gilad Zlotkin in conversation with Geektime. According to Zlotkin, it is much easier to secure the system they have developed, which is cloud-based, than it is to secure the infotainment systems installed directly on the vehicle’s hardware. He says it is a problem for such systems developed by both companies and third parties.

OVO is developing an app store that allows service providers such as parking services, insurance, road services, electric vehicle charging and petrol vehicle refueling to add their apps under commercial agreements like other app stores. “A fleet customer (such as a leasing, rental or car sharing company) can essentially set up their app store with a subset of apps using OVO’s management tools in the OVO general store. Some of these apps may be pre-installed in all vehicles in the fleet if that is what the customer wants, so there will be no need to wait for the driver to install them, “he added.

According to Zlotkin, OVO is the first to offer the ability to stream apps from the cloud to cars, rather than installing apps directly to the car or mirroring apps from devices to the car using CarPlay or Android Auto. The service will work as SaaS, with car manufacturers, importers or fleet managers paying a monthly subscription for each vehicle that connects to Ovo’s cloud platform.

Credit: Ovo

We know that companies like Google and Apple invest a lot of resources in testing applications that work in their ecosystems. Do you try some tests? Perhaps a car rental company could incorporate spy components and sell the collected information? Or can ads or cryptocurrency mining components appear?

“OVO also tests each app before it is approved to enter our app store, similar to the tests that Google and Apple run to approve apps in their app stores. In addition to security and privacy tests, OVO also checks for security issues. driver safety and driver distraction. For example, we will not allow video operation, keyboard activation and on-screen zoom while the vehicle is in motion. “

A pilot program with one of the largest producers in the world

Zlotkin, who previously sold two companies to Cisco and Alcatel, founded the company with Arad Neve (President), former partner of Benchmark Capital and Square Peg Capital and CEO of the company acquired by Cisco; Alon Lelcuk (CTO); and Marc Girardot (CMO).

Zlotkin says that he and Girardot met a few years ago at the Volkswagen headquarters in Wolfsburg, Germany, with the direction of the electronics and software division of the automotive giant: “We studied the technological needs and deficiencies, and we decided to found OVO as an answer to these needs “. According to the company, it is now in a pilot phase with automakers and Tier 1 suppliers of infotainment products, commercial vehicle fleets and automobile importers. Additionally, says Zlotkin, OVO is also in a pilot project with one of the world’s leading car manufacturers.

Last week, the company also announced that it raised $ 3.5 million in a funding round led by Regah Ventures, with the participation of Benchmark Capital and Michael van Swaaij, former CEO of Skype.

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