Best Espers For Desolate Lands In Dislyte

If you love futuristic anime, gacha games and turn-based combat, Dislite it will be perfect for you. It is a free mobile game where you build a team of more than 80 heroes (called Espers) to fight in both PvE and PvP combat, which you can level up and equip with items. Additionally, there is a full storyline along with a series of boss battles and other options.

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Desolate Lands was the first major content added to Dislyte after its release. Adds an entirely new area to the Trials section, with four new bosses to encounter and new rewards. But there is so much more. These guys are one level up, which means you can take extra Espers, and it’s about surviving rather than defeating the enemy. This means that Dislyte’s Desolate Lands needs new teams and new strategies.


Guide to the wastelands

Each battle comprises a single battle wave and each boss represents one of the four element colors in Dislyte, with the main boss Shademother attuned to Shimmer (neutral) and being added to the game later. You can bring six Esper to each battle instead of the usual four, with four in the front row and two in the back. The usual correspondence of elements applies.

The first line, as expected, tends to take most of the damage, then put your characters with the highest DEF on the front line. The makeup of the last row will depend on the specific garment (see below).

Espers can be equipped with Relics normally, and you can choose a Commander as with any other battle mode. Just be careful when choosing that Esper’s Captain ability works in Desolate Lands. If it worked in other tests, it should work.

The key difference from other Dislyte battles is that each boss in Desolate Lands has unlimited HP. Thus, victory does not come from defeating the boss. Instead, you achieve victory by successfully surviving a certain number of turns. To get higher ratings, you need to do as much damage as possible. As the battle continues, a visible counter will hit some marked points, at which point the boss will take a turn, always attacking, but sometimes doing something extra like getting minions or casting debuffs.

If you survive to the end of their cycle, the battle will end there. And whether you survived to the end or not, you will be awarded a reward grade. It is important to point out that the damage dealt is multiplied by the number of shadow petals you collect (up to 16) during the battle. These are collected in different ways depending on the boss, so reaching them should be the key to your team composition.

Wasteland Rewards

The reason you’ll want to participate in Desolate Lands is its unique rewards. Depending on the boss you face, you can earn Boost Stones. These correspond to relic sets (depending on the boss) and can be added to relics in their specific set to increase particular secondary stats. The higher the rating you receive, the more and better Stones you will receive. These can make a big difference, especially the ones that add to the attributes of your percentage bonus.

Your level and team building

The following information is largely aimed at players who can create a level 60 Espers squad for any given occasion. If you are a newbie to the game, to survive longer, you may need to upgrade your team with healers and the best Espers who can take damage. The important notes to take below are how to get those Shadow Petals, which will soften larger attacks and improve your rewards exponentially.

Shadowfire teams and strategies

When it comes to Shadowfire, you’ll need to be prepared for it Flame light wheel capacity. This summons eight Fiery Eyes to fight alongside her, which is a lot of bad guys to deal with. If these guys are still around when he later casts Burning Dust Storm, any remaining eyes will attack you for potentially massive damage.

Your best plan here is to upload just as many AoE and Espers multi-attachment as much as possible and save those great skills for when Fiery Eyes appear. Eliminating them is the key to avoiding damage, but also, each one you defeat gives you a Shadow Flower petal. Shadow Flower’s petals stun Shadowfire and also give you a score multiplier at the end of the battle, increasing your final grade.

Recommended experts: AoE and multiple target damage, purple element (orange and neutral OK).

  • Mona (Purple): Two AoE special solids.
  • Donate (Purple): A passive AoE and acts as a harmful sponge.
  • Eira (Purple): His main hits all enemies while granting SPD Up to all allies.
  • Jiang Man (Purple): Potentially huge damage to all enemies.
  • Zora (Purple): Fantastic AoE damage.
  • Li Ling (orange): Large single and multiple target attacks.

Shadowgale teams and strategies

The key Shadowgale attack to watch out for is Roaring Nimbus. When she strikes, she inflicts Wind Chain on all of the Esters. Wind chains can stack, and an Esper takes damage every turn for each of them. Not long after, Shadowgale will hit you with Rolling Dust Storm. This will blow up all remaining wind chains on your Espers for massive damage.

The key to success here is to remove those wind chains and for two reasons. The obvious one is to avoid massive damage. Best of all, each Wind Chain you remove from an Esper will give you a Shadow Petal. Shadow Petals can stun Shadowgale while also increasing your score multiplier. This is the key to getting a high grade. For this reason, you’ll want your last row to include Esper who can purify debuffs, and you’ll have to wait for the right moments to use them.

Recommended experts: Few with Cleanse, preferably from the Orange element (Green and Neutral OK).

  • Clara (orange): Do you clean up a passive skill? Yes thanks.
  • Sander (orange): Fast with large single target damage.
  • Lewis (orange): As with Sander, potentially huge single target damage.
  • Jin Yuyao (orange): Can transfer debuffs to enemies.
  • Catherine (neutral): Another Esper with a passive cleanse.
  • Celine (Purple): The wrong item, but its Cleanse with SPD Up may be worth it.

Shadowstream teams and strategies

Much like Shadowgale above, Shadowstream will use an attack called Nimbus burst to inflict Venom Smear on all Esper. After it lands, you’ll have two turns of Shadowstream to get rid of it before it activates for – you guessed it – massive damage. But the tricky thing here is that you can’t clean Venom Smear. Instead, one is removed every time an Esper takes an action.

This means that you will need to take a lot more Shadowstream actions, so you will need as many Esper that can affect SPD and AP as possible. Again, each poison stain removed will earn you a shadow flower petal which will stun the boss and give you a score multiplier. Preferably, you will have Esper who are constantly gaining pace throughout the battle. Otherwise, keep those buffs in reserve for when this attack hits for maximum impact.

Recommended experts: speed / AP, Green (Neutral and Purple OK).

  • Tang Yun (green): Great damage, plus Pursuit offers the potential for extra actions.
  • Siena (green): Outstanding support including SPD and AP Up.
  • Gaius (Purple): Built for extra turns and good damage.
  • Unas (neutral): Maybe the latest SPD and AP Up Esper.
  • Dhalia (Purple): Stronger support, including AP Up with ATK and C.RATE Up.
  • Asenath (neutral): The perfect healer here, as his AP increases as he heals.

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