January 30, 2023

KROGER has expanded its services to a whopping 36 states without opening any new stores.

The retailer is offering grocery delivery services to growing numbers of shoppers with high-tech fulfillment centers in states like Oklahoma and Florida.

Kroger is expanding its online fulfillment centers, which use incredible technology to deliver groceries directly to shoppers


Kroger is expanding its online fulfillment centers, which use incredible technology to deliver groceries directly to shoppersPhoto credit: Getty

Kroger has cracked the Sooner state market by building a massive industrial center in Oklahoma City that will ship groceries via online orders, reports CoStar News.

Instead of driving to a physical location, these customer fulfillment centers use artificial intelligence to deliver groceries to customers.

“The fulfillment centers will essentially assemble an order in less than four minutes,” said Kroger’s director of commercial development, Rita Williams.

“And the baskets are delivered in a refrigerated van.

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“You can get your ice cream with your Cheerios. I’ve been doing this for two years and I don’t know how I did it before home delivery.”

As part of its partnership with British online grocer Ocado, The Kroger Co. has been quick to pop up using CFCs in various states.

The centers come in a range of sizes, from large to micro-fulfillment centers, according to The Ocado Group.

The CFCs “cover the wide range of next-day, same-day shopping missions and immediacy that Kroger customers seek online,” it says.

Officials said the market had shifted, and grocery leaders needed to meet the ever-changing needs of their customers.

This means technology is critical to providing the best possible service to buyers, executives said.

A microsite that opened in South Florida in 2021 has some incredible automated systems that can choose from 10,000 options on the same day and be fulfilled in just 30 minutes.

Customers can also opt for next-day orders and can choose from a whopping 35,000 different products, reports Miami New Times.

The system works with 1,000 robots buzzing around a central grid system known as “The Hive,” part of Ocado’s proprietary air traffic control system.

The finished orders collected by the bots are loaded into refrigerated trucks that keep fresh produce chilled as it travels straight to the customer’s home.

Tech doesn’t fully take over, however, as each center needs the help of hundreds of employees to help process, pack, and load the orders.

“We’re committed to providing our customers with a fresh, convenient shopping experience,” said Bill Bennett, Kroger’s vice president and head of e-commerce, in a statement last year.

“Without compromising on quality, choice and affordability,” he added.

“From the personalized shopping experience, easy digital coupons, valuable fuel points and fresh, quality products to the refrigerated trucks, trained and uniformed drivers, we look forward to providing customers in Oklahoma City and San Antonio with the full benefits of Kroger online shopping to offer.”

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Kroger now has high-tech fulfillment centers in Florida, Texas, Alabama, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio and Oklahoma.

There are also plans for more fulfillment centers to be built in Colorado, California, Maryland, Arizona, Cleveland, North Carolina and the Northeast.

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