Bills and Buccaneers to face off for the Lombardi Trophy in Arizona?

Judy Batista: The bill to the Packers. Aaron Rogers Finally back in the big game more than a decade after his first appearance, the Bills are the most complete team with player of the season Josh Allen. Buffalo won its first Lombard Trophy.

Jeffri Chadiha: Bill to the Packers. Aaron Rodgers finally got a win over Green Bay in the NFC title race, but Josh Allen proved too much. Bill ended all of their franchise setbacks.

Eric Edholm: 49ers bill. Trellance Be a star, but couldn’t finish with a tough Beal defense.Josh Allen and Stephen Diggs Brought the Lombardi Trophy to Buffalo for the first time.

Gennaro Filice: Bills for the Eagles. Two well-rounded teams took to the game’s biggest stage, with Josh Allen putting on a one-man show to do what Jim Kelly couldn’t.

Marcus Grant: Bills to the Rams. The first and final game of the season will be the final game for Bills fans to get a taste of victory. Hide your plastic table!

DeAngelo Hall. Bills to the Rams. After being named regular-season MVP, Josh Allen earned MVP honors for the game, scoring twice in the air and one on the ground.Bill’s D Quest Matthew Stafford And accounted for six sacks. Investing heavily in the passing craze pays off.

Dan Hanzus: The Bill to the Pirates. For decades, Tom Brady ruled the AFC East with an iron fist. Now it’s Josh Allen’s turn to take charge — not just in his department, but in football as a whole.

Steve Mariucci: The 49ers’ bill. 49ers attempt to join six Lombard clubs; instead, Bills win their first win, ending a magical season led by Coach of the Year Sean McDermott and league MVP Josh Allen .

Adam’s grade: Bill, Hawks. The Buffalo Bills seem to have been around for a long time. It’s a Cody Rhodes-like buildup that culminates in the fulfillment of his father’s legacy at WrestleMania. Now is Bill’s time.

Nick Shook: Bills to the Rams. Los Angeles returned to the Super Bowl for the second straight season, but Buffalo dashed the Rams’ repeat hopes, riding the wave and finally clearing its biggest AFC hurdle all the way to the title.

Jim Trotter: The Eagles’ bill. It’s time for the Buffalonians to experience something other than heartbreak in Sunday’s Super Bowl, and that’s what happened this season.

Kurt Warner: Bills for the Rams. What better way to start and Finished the season with the same two teams. Everyone thinks the defending champions are ready to fight for the title and the young Gunners are one step ahead of the Vets when it comes to trophies.

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