Bitcoin and Ethereum Still Consolidate, 1INCH and DCR Outperform

  • Bitcoin is still hovering near USD 20,000.
  • Ethereum is still below USD 1,600, XRP is trading close to USD 0.33.
  • 1INCH and DCR are gaining bullish momentum.

Bitcoin price remained in a range above the USD 19,500 support zone. BTC is currently (11:11 UTC) trading close to USD 20,070 and is almost unchanged in one day and down 7% in one week.

Similarly, most of the major altcoins are also looking for direction. ETH is still trying to break out of USD 1,600, while XRP could break out of the USD 0.335 resistance zone. The ADA is moving higher towards the USD 0.475 resistance.

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Bitcoin price

After some swings, the bitcoin price has formed a base above the USD 19,500 level and could attempt a clear move above the USD 20,300 level. The key breakout zone is close to the USD 20,500 level. A close above the USD 20,500 resistance zone could trigger a stronger upward move. In this case, the price could test USD 21,200 or even USD 21,500.

On the downside, initial support is near the USD 19,580 level. The main breakout support is still near the USD 19,500 zone, below which the price could plummet.

Ethereum price

Ethereum’s price also followed a similar pattern above the USD 1,500 support. ETH remained well priced and stabilized above the USD 1,550 level. The bulls are now attempting a close above the USD 1,600 and USD 1,620 resistance levels. ETH rises by almost 2% in one day and falls by more than 6% in a week.

On the downside, initial support is now near the USD 1,550 level. The next major support is USD 1,520, below which ETH could fall below USD 1,500.

ADA, BNB, SOL, DOGE and XRP price

Cardano (ADA) is consolidating above the USD 0.45 level. If the bulls remain active, the price could rise to the USD 0.475 resistance. The next key resistance is near USD 0.50, above which the price may rise.

BNB is consolidating above the USD 275 level. It appears to be facing resistance near the USD 282 level. A close above this level could send the price towards the USD 288 resistance.

Solana (SOL) is moving higher towards the USD 32 level. The first major resistance is near the USD 33.50 level, above which the price could rise towards the USD 35 resistance.

DOGE is consolidating near the USD 0.062 level. If there is a new rise, the price could break out of the USD 0.0635 resistance. The key obstacle to a broader rise is near the USD 0.065 level.

The price of XRP is rising towards the USD 0.335 resistance zone. If a break to the upside, the bulls could test the USD 0.35 level. Any further gains could open the door for a move to USD 0.40.

Today market for other altcoins

Many smaller altcoins are on the rise, including DOT, MATIC, UNI, ETC, LTC, 1INCH, ATOM, LINK, EOS, LINK, MANA, CHZ, and DCR. Of those, 1INCH was up nearly 11% and surpassed $ 0.73, while DCR jumped 13% and approached $ 31.50. CEL is still the best of the top 100 coins today, as it jumped 23%.

To sum it up, bitcoin price holds the key USD 19,500 support zone. If BTC stays above this level, it could start a stronger rise above USD 20,500.


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