Brandon Nimmo’s Catch Helps Mets Beat Dodgers

On a shelf in a backup locker at Citi Field, Brandon Nimoy has a baseball with a series of markers from Mets first base coach Wayne Kirby. Kirby took note of the stats from a great game Nimmo made earlier this summer and titled it: “Best Catch 2022.”

Kirby may need to reconsider; preferably, it’s a relative term after all.Forget probability and exit velocity – take the chance Made by Nemo It was part of baseball perfection to snatch a homer from Justin Turner and save Jacob deGrome for a 2-1 win in the seventh inning against the Los Angeles Dodgers on Wednesday.

This game, this game, has it all: the best two teams in the National League, a packed 41,799, fast pace, great players doing great things, even a live trumpet on the field before the ninth place Performance Bureau.

“I gotta tell you, when we’re full, I want the hot dogs to be hot, I want the beer to be cold, I want the parking to be no problem, I want them to get out of here, go, ‘Boy, it’s worth it, I think Come on,'” Mets manager Buck Showalter said.

“It’s our responsibility to get ready for the race and that was my first thought: If I go to the race tonight and get in the car and go home, it’s going to be fun. That’s how it should be – they’re open in the U.S. We chose us in the game.”

In Queens for the Mets, the championship wasn’t really threatened, it just felt so. The Dodgers, 90-39 on the run with the NL West, beat the Mets on Tuesday to stop excited Australian musician Timmy Trumpet from playing his “Narcos” anthem for the closer Edwin Díaz.

On Wednesday, Timmy had to do his thing — and so did Diaz, who retired in the ninth inning and finished just 2 hours and 19 minutes into the game. It gave the Mets a 19-11 record for the month, their most in August since 2015, when they won the pennant last year.

DeGrom, the only remaining player on the World Series roster, is finally throwing at full force after missing more than a year with an arm injury. On Wednesday, he played seven innings for the first time in nearly 14 months, allowing two harmless singles and a Mookie Betts homer while striking out nine.

Even so, deGrom said: “There were quite a few balls that were hit hard and they were all wrong — and they hit the wrong one. I had a good defense tonight and I’m grateful for that.”

Nimmo provides the best defense. A free agent after this season, Nemo has been working to improve his outfield range and says his speed has increased by a foot per second since 2020. He added that analysis helped with his positioning, including Turner’s hit in the seventh inning when Nemo blocked him to the right of midfield.

He needs to get a head start. After the out, Turner hit a 100-mph fastball over Nemo’s head, near the right corner of the 8-foot wall. Nimmo barely had time to assess his surroundings.

“I knew it was hit in the first place, so my concern was to get back on the fence as soon as possible,” he said.

“But it got hit so I didn’t get a chance to look back at the wall. Luckily, having played a lot from now, I have a feeling I’m near the wall and I need to keep going and jump. So the timing was perfect and everything was fine Perfect. Jumped up and felt the ball hit my glove and I knew it wasn’t going to pop out once it got in there. Then all the emotions poured out.”

Nimmo jumps back to the court, smiling and shouting (“Let’s go!”), he showed the crowd holding the ball with his bare hands. DeGrom, usually so stoic on the mound, raised his arms in celebration and took off his hat for Nemo.

“That’s what was there to save the game,” right fielder Starling Marte — driving Tyler Anderson in Nimmo with a two-run homer in the third — said through an interpreter. “It’s a huge gain. It’s just the emotion he has there, it motivates me to go out and play with that emotion.”

Just three games into the Warriors’ 3-2 win over Colorado on Wednesday and a narrow lead over Atlanta in the NL East — the Mets will take all the extra momentum they can get. However, the impact of any victory will be short-lived, with the Mets facing the imposing Clayton Kershaw on Thursday afternoon.

“I need to start to moderate a little bit,” Nemo said. “Otherwise, I won’t be able to sleep until 6am”

By ending August in style, the Mets tied the game in their season series against the Dodgers, three games apiece. Thursday’s matinee is certainly not a true Game 7, but let’s keep our heads up for the possibility of a rematch in October, as that could be at stake.

“I can’t wait for Diaz to play this in a World Series win,” Timmy Trump said before the series. “I’ll be there.”

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