January 30, 2023

Finally on the mend. Bristol Palin revealed she had her ninth breast reconstruction surgery after a breast reduction left her with “tissue damage” and “scarring.”

“I’m sharing wayyyyy tmi right now but had my 9th breast reconstruction surgery last night — yes, the 9TH, all of which stems from a botched breast reduction surgery I had when I was 19,” Palin, 32, wrote on Wednesday their Instagram stories. January 26th. “I’ve had previous surgeries trying to correct this initial damage to the muscle tissue and the horrific scarring. The whole situation has honestly made me very self conscious throughout my adult life. I pray this is the last surgery needed.”

The Alaskan native wore a black tracksuit, eye patches and a compression bra in the post that appeared to have surgical drains filled with red fluid attached.

The Fromer Teen Mom OG Star, the eldest daughter of the former Alaska governor Sarah PalinShe explained that she hates “being a whiner,” but the surgeries “provide a setback/pause in life,” making her “MIA.”

She added, “[I’m] I’m trying my best to stay positive, get excited, and remind myself that I have so much to be grateful for. I’m healthy, fully functional and that’s just an inconvenience because it could only get worse.”

This isn’t the first time Bristol has grappled with the difficult aftermath of cosmetic surgery. In May 2021, the real estate agent revealed that he was planning to have a tummy tuck in 2018.

“Path [too] It’s easy to compare us here, just a reminder not to do that,” she captioned an Instagram video at the time. “Let’s get real [sic] for a second,” she captioned the video. “I post what I want to show you all. From decent angles and not from insecurities/scars (visible or not).”

the No Fear of Life: My Journey So FaThe author then elaborated further on the surgery during an Instagram Q&A that same day, sharing that she consulted an “incredible” Texas doctor, but the process was far from easy. “It was early 2018,” she says. “I do not regret it. But recovery was (no doubt) yours [sic] worst pain of my entire life.”

Bristol has often spoken openly about all aspects of her personal life. In August 2018, she finalized her divorce Dakota Meyer. The two share daughters Sailor (7) and Atlee (5). She is also the mother of son Tripp, 14, whom she shares with an ex Levi Johnston.

Two months into the official singles declaration, the reality star exclusively shared Us weekly about what it was like to get back into the dating world as a mother of three.

“It’s a scary thing,” she shared Us in October 2018. “I’ve got my hands full and it’s kind of daunting. It just doesn’t make sense to me. … There is no rule book for dating after a divorce. It is only [a] strange concept. I haven’t gone out in a long time, I’m something of an old woman with so many kids.”

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