Broadcasters publish first ever book, Sexit, to ‘show sexism the door’

TWO broadcasters released their first ever book to “show sexism at the door”.

Livvy Rose, of Glastonbury, and Chrissie Lloyd, of Bristol, are on a crusade for all “invisible” women who have reached their 50s only to discover that it has become a man’s world.

Their new book “The Scandal of Sexit” is a howl of anguish, loss, anger, defeat, disappointment and rejection; a collective trauma that needs expression and healing.

They said: “Sex is a scandal, but like all scandals when shown in the light of day, change can happen.

“Sex is a feeling – a feeling like you are on the floor, defeated, in pain and there is nothing left; you are not good enough, you are not handsome enough, you are not talented enough.

“You have just been defeated and made invisible and it is absolutely horrible.

“You just want to cry, you want to feel angry, you want to cry a little more and the questions that come up are: ‘Why, why, why can’t I be fabulous, creative, inspired, smart, powerful, strong, sensitive, beautiful, beautiful?
‘Why do you have to pay me less? Why do you have to make me feel small? Why do you have to make me invisible? ‘”

Livvy also added: “We describe the book as a mix of Huffington Post, Guardian, Mail and Hay House … because it includes celebrities, it’s gossip and funny, but it also contains a lot of research and a message about how society treats women of a certain age.

“What we call Sexit: so, to sum it up, it’s celebrity gossip, self-help, with a good pinch of journalism and research.”

Chrissie said: “Well, we think Sexit describes very well what it is like when you are a woman of a certain age and you are shown the exit door – at that point, you are not invisible yet, but all the contributions, skills, and the talent you bought at the table will soon leave with you in your purse. ”

Livvy added: “What we’re trying to do in our own small way is shed some light on how women of a certain age are first made invisible on screen, on air or in print … and then in society at large.

“And how the wisdom of this age group is in danger of being lost.”

Chrissie also said, “We believe we all need to see the reflections of our aging self in the media to feel validated and to inspire younger women to see age as something extraordinary to come to, not be afraid to suddenly become invisible and being relegated to room 101.

Livvy said, “Now we know as a duo that we are privileged to have each other. We instigate each other and pick each other up, which is why we invite readers to join the gang and like us to become more. brave!

Chrissie added: “Someone who read it said about the book that ‘This isn’t chicken soup for the soul, it’s more alchemy for the bitter and twisted self.'”

For more information on the book, its publisher, and how to purchase a copy, visit the authors’ website here.

The book is published by Filament Publishing.

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