BSC News NFT Influencer Spotlight: Defi Raf

Defi Raf is linked to multiple NFT projects on BNB Chain. In this interview, she talks about her NFT journey, her experience with GameFi, and more.

Defi Raf talks about BNB chain NFT

BNB Chain is constantly making a name for itself in the Non-fungible token (NFT) space, an area that has been dominated by the collections on Ethereum and Solana.

Many project developers, community managers and influencers are actively working to take the narrative BNB chain NFT forward. Today our NFT Influencer Spotlight is on Defi Raf.

Defi Raf is working on his NFT GameFi project called Chain Legion. But beyond that, he is also the community manager of Haddie’s Bay Club and DezBet, and a moderator of The non-fungible living room And DegenApe Club.


BSC News sat down with DeFi Raf to learn about his NFT journey and his thoughts on creating a GameFi project.

“Big NFT Boom Last Year”

Q: How did you end up in the NFT ecosystem?

A: My cryptocurrency journey started over a year ago. During the big and insane bull run of 2021, I entered the cryptocurrency industry while Bitcoin and Dogecoin were rampant. The weather was crazy, with projects starting every day and crashing. I then started betting on some coins with some success and some failures.

After that, I started meeting people, got involved in different communities and even participated in some projects. As a result, I have established relationships with other people and with the members of the NFT project team.

When there was the big NFT boom last year, I decided to focus on that, mainly because the communities were much warmer and more inclusive; I would say more close-knit. When I gained some experience, I started interviewing project teams, seeing what worked and, most importantly, what didn’t.


D: This is great. Also, you are developing your own project, Chain Legion. How did you end up working on this project?

A: Our goal was to create a valid and legitimate project. A real programmer friend of mine has been working in crypto for a long time. So we decided we wanted to carry out our project.

It was our idea to have an NFT project to use in a game and we also wanted it to be an RPG. Users can train and level up their NFTs, build their attributes, and choose whether their character will be easy or challenging. I know more stuff than RPGs like that, so we’ve adapted it into a browser-based RPG BNB Chain NFT.

Ultimately, we intend to expand it to include a guild of players. There is already a plot, but it hasn’t been released yet. Our goal is to have different groups leading this Chain Legion universe so that the players themselves determine the direction in which the story of the Chain Legion universe will unfold.

“GameFi NFTs Should Be Useful”

Q: Based on that, what do you think makes a good GameFi NFT project?

A: First of all, good art. In my opinion, it must look good. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who jump on projects blindly. While it’s supposed to be about art, it sometimes seems like people completely ignore it.

Also, it should be related to the game itself. If you look at the NFT itself, it must actually be useful. When it comes down to it, if I could just play without NFT, I think a mistake was made. So, it must be useful.

In a game like Chain Legion, you can evolve or upgrade the NFT within the game or use the NFT with the game. Therefore, it is important to consider which attributes you choose to build your NFT character.

This ties in with what I said: that GameFi NFTs should be useful and have actual use in the game. It shouldn’t feel like NFT is just there to line developers’ pockets. Instead, when an entire game is done for its usefulness, it should be the focus of the project.

Q: These are some good ideas for GameFi NFTs. As you know, many NFT projects are currently based on the Ape narrative. As if I were also connected to two projects, such as Degen Ape Club and Ape Fam Elite. Some people like it, but others say it’s very monotonous. So what do you think?

A: I have to split between both of them, really. In a way, it’s exaggerated, there are so many monkeys on the market. However, while I don’t think people have to constantly invent monkeys in the crypto scene, I understand why they want it since the monkey theme has been at the heart of NFTs for quite some time.

They really want to imitate the craziest story of the Bored Yacht Ape Club. My opinion is a bit in the middle: it’s exaggerated, but I also understand why people like it.


“NFT Alliances Helped Bring People Together”

Q: How do you think NFT alliances, such as BNGA, can be essential to bring more value to NFT projects?

A: I think it’s great when different projects and teams come together before minting to help each other out, be it through marketing, AMA hosting or the like. This helps in more ways than one for projects that may not have a lot of marketing funding.

Project owners can also ask for ideas like, “Hey, do you think that’s good or not?” People say “Yes” or “No” and give valuable advice to boost projects. As a result, this type of NFT alliance has helped bring people together to find new solutions for their projects.

Q: What do you think is the most effective blockchain network for NFTs?

A: I have to say that Ethereum is still the king in that area and probably the most effective right now. Also, Solana has evolved a lot in the last year and is trying to catch up with Ethereum. However, Solana has a lot of problems, including a constantly down network and recent hacks.

Ethereum is my number one choice and I am split between Solana and the BNB chain for number two. At the project level, as well as at the community level, the BNB chain has been in a whirlwind of activity. He’s going crazy and I think this year will be even crazier for the BNB chain.

‘Dude, let’s go. Don’t be so humble. ‘

Q: What are your favorite collections on BNB Chain?

A: Wow. It’s hard, I like a lot of them, I won’t say I have an absolute favorite, but I love Degen Apes. I liked the Pixel Sweepers; the volume they made during the minting is impressive. And first there was the big BTC dump, but still the volume was going crazy. Also, the 3D art made by Cecy Meade for Pixel Sweepers is excellent.

I also love the Bull Society. I’ve minted like five. I was there when they were still minting and have been following them ever since, especially since I met a great friend you probably know through the Bull Society. We hear his name all the time when it comes to BNB Chain NFT: it’s him Dehuffski.

He is undoubtedly an inspiration to me, even if he will turn around and say that I am an inspiration to him. And I’m like, “Dude, let’s go. Don’t be so humble.”

I love Chain Legion. It is my project. It’s a biased opinion, of course. I’m also having fun with the GDogs. There are probably 80 of them in my collection and I can’t wait to play their game. I hope I don’t miss anyone. I mean, there are so many good projects on the BNB chain.

I’d also like to say a big thank you to the head of Haddie’s Bay Club, and I’m actually involved in that project. So I take care of the management of my community and advise them with project ideas and contacts. So Haddie’s Bay Club is definitely on my list too? Even more so because it was actually funded by an IRL, Get Maine Lobster. So it’s a lobster fishing company that also serves lobster dishes to customers.

They decided to create their NFT based on their famous lobster Hattie, a special type of blue lobster unique in a million that you can only find in one in a million lobster. And their idea for this project is that NFT holders will benefit from it in real life.


Q: How do you handle all responsibilities as a project developer, CM of Haddies Bay Club and DeZBet and moderators for others?

Since Web3 is a full time job and projects that have some “down” time, I can fit them all into my schedule. Plus, moderation usually ensures that the group is safe and clean, so it’s not too time-consuming or demanding! However, I wish the days were longer and we had more than 24 hours so that we could have time for everyone.

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