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Photo by correspondent / Robert Hayes. Canfield’s Danny Inglis (11) celebrates with senior quarterback Broc Lowry after Indiana University engagement scored his second touchdown of the night against Poland. The Cardinals beat the Bulldogs in the battle of 224, 31-7.

CANFIELD – The Battle of 224 is one of the few events that can distract some attendees from the annual Canfield Fair.

Ahead of the nearly sold-out home group, the Cardinals defended their territory against arch-rival Poland at Bob Dove Field, 31-7, extending their winning streak to six games.

“It’s a win, we’re thrilled to all go out to get a win. I thought our defense played really well all game, “said Canfield manager Mike Pavlansky.” Offensively, we’re still trying to find our way, (Poland) had a very good defensive pattern against us.

“We have been able to spread that ball around without a doubt, but when there is a chance to make plays, we have to make plays and find guys who do it for us.”

Senior quarterback Broc Lowry buzzed his teammates Cardinal early after a 47-yard run down the home sideline for paydirt.

“It was all about my line and the receivers on that playback,” Lowry said. “He’s a confidence booster and he really set his nerves for the game.”

Early in the second quarter, Danny Inglis rocked at least a couple of Poland defenders as he tripped and sprinted for over 50 yards to set up his team. This was followed by a Lowry score to Dom Marzano from three yards out.

Whenever Canfield needed a big game, Inglis appeared to be Johnny in place on either side of the ball, counting 99 yards on three carries.

“Coach Hurley is really hard on their tendencies, they gave us a lot of controls for me and Dom, we just tried to perform to the best of our ability,” Inglis said. “Our first seven, all in the area, we all played together, we are partners, this is what we are proud of.”

After the break – the Bulldogs were down 21-0 after Lowry scrambled for his second running touchdown of the night – Bulldogs manager Tom Pavlansky knew he needed to pull off some deception.

Poland started onside football and successfully recovered it. They scored soon after on a 40-yard bomb from Cole Fulton to Dominic Pagano, who beat the defense for an open field.

Another Bulldogs onside kick followed, but Canfield was ready for the second go-around.

“The first one we didn’t just attack the ball, we had to go get the ball and be aggressive,” Pavlansky said of the onside kicks. “We know their MO is to do it. We have been preparing for the whole week, we can be aggressive in the beginning and go get football the second time we have been. ”

Canfield (3-0) responded on the next drive which was capped off by Lowry’s great shot at Gavin Ramun on a fade in the end zone. A 23-yard boot from Joel Misasek during the fourth quarter completed the score.

Lowry was 11-21 going through 133 yards, with 118 yards running on 11 carries.

Pagano was 8-17 passing through Poland for 89 yards, with 60 yards in the running. Matt Boccieri added 41 yards on six carries, with Fulton leading the air game with 55 yards on four catches.

“Canfield is very good, give him credit. Broc is the real deal, “said Bulldogs manager Tom Pavlansky.” They know how to use it and they do it quite well. We are really proud of our boys’ effort, we thought we had fought and competed. ”

The Cardinals outpaced the Bulldogs 354 to 229 and walked away with an average of just over 31 points per game, but attribute much of their success to not spinning the ball once so far in 2022.

While on the flip side, they didn’t even force a defensive turnover.

“Our first seven today were really good, they stopped the race a lot and our defenders stepped up,” Lowry said. “We knew they were a tough team, a lot of their passes from previous games came because they were very down trying to catch up.”

“If we stopped the running game, that is our main goal. We wanted them to beat us with the pass. ”

At the end of the evening, a large crowd gathered around the bell behind the locker room with a plethora of students basking in victory with the marching band.

“We are happy, there are no doubts. We love our son’s efforts and the way they play, “said Mike Pavlansky.” Win a rivalry game, you’re happy with it, but there are some things we need to improve on if we want to continue on the path we are. ”

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