Cardano SPO: Lone Star Staking Pool [LSSP]

This week’s guest on the SPO Cardano column is a holding pool managed by Ernie from the USA, member of the xSPO Alliance: Staking Pool by Lone Star [LSSP].

Last week guest it was a betting pool run by two US brothers and also xSPO Alliance members.

This initiative is a point of reference for all of Cardano and every week or two we will invite you to Pile pool operator (SPO) to answer some questions and give us a update directly from within the Cardano community.

Whereas many of our readers are new to the crypto space, we will have a mix of simple and technical questions.

Colonna Cardano SPO, interview with Lone Star Staking Pool [LSSP]

Cardano SPO [LSSP] is run by Ernie from Fort Worth, Texas

Hi, glad to have you here. Tell us something about yourself, where do you live and what is your background?

Bye! My name is Ernie and I’m with Lone Star Stake Pool, located in the Fort Worth, Texas area. Lone Star Stake Pool currently supports the Wounded Warrior Project by donating 25% of our fixed fee to that organization.

As for me, I’ve been in aeronautical sector for 40 years. I spent 5 years in the United States Navy at work on P3 Orion aircraft. About 20 years ago, I discovered that I have a talent for computers. I started build desktop computers for me and my family. I could see the growth of computers in aviation and in our daily life.

What is the path that led you to Cardano and to become a Stake Pool Operator (SPO)?

I started with cryptocurrencies in 2021 when I couldn’t find a GPU for my son’s computer. After doing some research I learned Proof of Work (PoW) and GPU mining. After purchasing a number of GPUs and seeing the power used for PoW, I have heard about it Proof of Stake and Cardano. I watched some YouTube videos and it looked like something I could do. I have rebuilt two of my computers as a block maker and one as a relay. After starting the Stake Pool, I added to the pool and now I have a bare metal servers in London, England and hybrid relay servers in Washington, DC, Dallas and Seattle.

I love taking the challenge and working in all kinds of situations! I ran into the xSPO Alliance and joined that group. I also joined the FreeLoaderz group and started use relays to relieve some of the congestion on the Cardano network. I became a member of the SPA-Single Pool Alliance, also. I am amazed and thrilled with the knowledge and help available to people of all types! Cardano is a large open community where you can “raise your hand”, ask for help and get answers.

You are a member of the xSPO Alliance. What is it and how does it help small stake pools? What’s your plan to attract more delegators?

xSPO is an alliance of ExtraSmall holding pool operators under a 1 million ADA delegation. The Founding members have done a great job keeping all members as Single Stake Pool operators. The whole group performs a exceptional job helping and working together. It is an honor to be in the same group as these SPOs. They are very knowledgeable and give excellent guidance and advice on how to deal with problems. Membership is from all over the world! Every Sunday there is our Discord call with members only. On some occasions we have special guests come in and talk about upcoming projects and listen to new ideas.

So far, we have been looking for projects that need PES of all different sizes, from low delegations to PES with large delegations. I think it’s great to see a group of SPOs working together to get a project moving. An example would be the ZiberBugs.IO. I happened to be on Reddit and perused a post from the CEO of ZiberBugs looking for SPO. We had some DMs and then I was able to do it get some more SPOs from xSPO Alliance, ECP- (Rich), ENVY- (Sean) and PANL (Ryan). We were able to arrange a call and pitch some ideas. Eventually, the project included 63 SPO and ZiberBugs received great marketing for their Ziber token project. We will also see more promotions as we get closer to the game’s launch. We also had a small group of xSPOs to con Our PrincessADA CNFT project. This project is still growing as they prepare for sale.

xSPO is a great resource for new projects to come to us for help or existing projects that may only need a group of SPOs to help get their project off the paper and on the blockchain.

The plan to attract more delegators is to continue to work hard and come up with new ideas or assist on projects within the xSPO or Freeloaderz group. Our pool has coined blocks so we can prove that we are fully functional SPOs.

I feel that all xSPOs and SPOs need to work together keep Cardano off-center.

I feel this is a good time to get involved with Cardano. The amount of people working on the projects, as well as the projects that come out, is amazing. We still have it like that many wait only on the hard fork. As with any ecosystem, some projects will succeed and others will fail. You may also see some projects merge with other projects. It happens every day in the business world.

I would like to see IOG give SPA and xSPO “a seat at the table” just saying. This would allow both groups to have direct communication as well help with any problem or problem that arises.

I happen to believe the old saying, “If you build it, they will come”. As successful dApps and projects succeed, more people will see how safe is Cardanoas well as how Cardano as a community can work together.

Thank you for your time. Any final considerations? Where can people contact you?

I would like to make this known to the Cardano Community xSPO is available and can help in any way possible for any SPO need or requirement.

Anyone can contact me Via e-mail or through mine Twitter.

Thank you for your time!

Disclaimer: The views and opinions of the PES are their own and do not necessarily reflect those of the Cardano Foundation or the YEI.


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