All the reasons why XRP’s community is bullish now

Lately, XRP it received a lot of media attention, partly due to its legal disputes with the SEC and partly due to appreciation of price trends. Indeed, data from LunarCrush indicates that XRP’s engagements and social mentions have also seen a favorable response lately. XRP is ranked above 3,800 cryptocurrencies in LunarCrush’s alternative valuations, according … Read more

Tax collections to continue rising trend in coming months: Experts

The upward trend in income tax collection is expected to continue in the coming months thanks to increased compliance, higher business profitability and increased trading during the holiday season, experts said. Gross direct tax collection grew 30 percent to Rs 8.36 lakh crore in the April to mid-September period of the current corporate tax and … Read more

JPMorgan sees a downfall in demand for crypto payment options

A few months ago, there was a huge demand for cryptocurrencies as a payment option around the world. However, it has dropped significantly over the past two weeks. According to reports, Global Investment Bank JPMorgan sees very little demand for cryptocurrency payment options from its customers. However, the bank notes that cryptocurrencies and digital currencies … Read more

Singapore’s DBS Bank Allows “Accredited” Investors to Trade Cryptocurrencies

According to DBS Group Holdings Ltd, another 100,000 of its wealthiest clients can now trade cryptocurrencies on the DDEx digital exchange. We believe in being at the forefront and giving our customers access to the solutions they need. As a trusted partner, we assist our clients in protecting and growing their assets. The bank will … Read more

XRP Earns #1 Spot Thanks to Encouraging Signs in Legal Battle with SEC—Top Coins to Watch for Sep 26 – Oct 2, 2022

Macroeconomic factors are still exerting downward pressure on cryptocurrency markets, but that doesn’t mean nothing interesting is happening in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. Let’s take a look at 3 projects that will be worth keeping an eye on in the coming days. 3. Helium (HNT) Helium is a project that is creating a decentralized … Read more

Moshnake, Cardano, and Nexo: Less than One-dollar Crypto Assets to Consider for the Long-term

With the current condition of the cryptocurrency market, buying cryptocurrencies in the long term could be a smart investment move. Most cryptocurrencies have experienced a steep drop in prices, but the track record of the cryptocurrency market shows that these periods don’t last forever. However, it is essential to prepare for the good times. This … Read more

How NFTs shook up the art world

This is an audio transcript of the FT Weekend podcast episode: How NFTs shook up the art world [Ambient sounds at a concert] EminemOh my god, bro. How did you get that in here? Snoop DoggI got the connection. I feel like . . .  EminemMan, don’t trip! Snoop DoggI feel like, you get me high again bro. … Read more