These bamboo shelters are empowering communities displaced by Pakistan’s floods – KION546

Stephy Chung, CNN Pakistan’s “unseen” floods have affected 33 million people, many of whom are still seeking safe haven after record monsoon rains damaged or destroyed more than a million homes. The catastrophic floods of the summer, exacerbated by melting glaciers, submerged a third of the country, with authorities saying it could take up to … Read more

Dos and don’ts of AI and how to raise milk yields

Nyeri County Agriculture Department officers provide high-quality sperm to a cow, as they offer free artificial insemination services for milk farmers at Endarasha Vollage in Kieni East. [Kibata Kihu, Standard] Thomas Chacha watches closely as his heifer sniffs around the cattle shed on his farm in the village of Ntonyogi, Migori County. “He started doing … Read more

How To Get Over The Autumn Blues

The holiday season is drawing to a close and many of us are starting to experience that feeling of discomfort and trepidation. While the fall season is usually a time for new beginnings, the transition can also make us feel slightly terrible as the days get shorter and the leaves begin to fall. The good … Read more

Overall benefits of pepper soup, how to prepare

Nigerians have a hard time saying no to catfish, cow’s leg, goat’s head, chicken, offal, or beef dipped in a hot bowl of pepper soup. While this is true, if you also knew how beneficial it is for your well-being, you will be intentional about consuming it. Because? Information, good or bad, doesn’t leave you … Read more

Bosses and How To Survive Them – Part 45: The College Bosses

I reached the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kharagpur (KGP) fresh from fresh air with a lot of trepidation. No, I wasn’t worried about losing the comforts of home. The monster that scared me was – joking. I had heard many horror stories about the brutality of teasing in other colleges and had no idea … Read more

Pioneers discuss the challenges facing computer science

HEIDELBERG, Germany—Every September, a critical mass of the world’s most decorated computer scientists and mathematicians gathers in the warm microclimate here. They discuss the states of their fields and mentor 200 undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students from around the world selected in a highly competitive process. “It feels like coming home,” said Vinton Cerf, Google’s … Read more

Harvard Lauds its Advising System as ‘Key’ to Student Success. Do Students Feel the Same? | News

When Alejandro Gaytan Zepeda ’24, a first-generation, low-income student, first stepped onto campus, he was surprised by aspects of Harvard life. “I took college courses my high school years, and that was very different from actually coming on the residential campus — opposite side of the country, the $50 billion endowment where the top one … Read more