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In a recent presentation, Charlie Shrem gave full credit to his $ 5 investment in Bitcoin before it skyrocketed by 13,000%. His decision therefore allowed him to live lavishly and his investment of time in the world of cryptocurrencies made him a credible person in the industry. As fantastic as it may sound, the expert believes that a similar event could happen again. Specifically, he guarantees that he has spotted a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity available for a paltry $ 11. He goes on to explain how this cryptocurrency reminds him a lot of Amazon. How? According to him, this new discovery has the potential to crush the cryptocurrency sphere in the same way that Amazon did the e-commerce market.

So, what exactly do we know about Charlie’s so-called “Perfect Crypto”? At the time of writing, he revealed:

  • The coin allegedly has bitcoin-like upside potential of up to 13,000x or more
  • Its token could be worth as much as $ 90 billion if all goes well
  • It’s cheap, fast, and scalable, all without sacrificing security
  • It’s virtually unknown, with less than a 1 in 100,000 chance that investors already own it
  • The company behind this cryptocurrency controls the metrics listed above

When asked what Charlie believes is one of the best crypto opportunities of 2022, he replied: “Cosmos.” His reasoning is as follows:

“In a nutshell, Cosmos wants to be” the internet of blockchains ” […] build bridges and explode limits. In other words, what AWS has done for the Internet, Cosmos is doing for the blockchain. It is a revolutionary platform […] It’s a new and secure way to store and transfer information across hundreds of new business opportunities. ”

Fortunately, the expert has landed on several other cryptocurrency investments that are worth investing in what’s left of 2022. Curious to know more? This is where Crypto Investor Network should be introduced.

What is the cryptocurrency network?

Crypto Investor Network is an investment newsletter led by analyst Luke Lango and bitcoin legend Charlie Shrem to help investors profit from the disruptive technology that governs the cryptoverse. As businesses, government organizations and individuals continue to see the potential in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, having a solid understanding from an investment position is now critical. The duo firmly believes that “cryptocurrencies” disintermediate “big banks and big technologies, unleashing a multi-billion dollar tsunami of new wealth.”

What does Crypto Investor Network membership include?

Cosmos is just one of the few investments where Charlie sees potential. By becoming a member of the Crypto Investor Network, investors will have access to the following information resources:

Special Report No. 1. My 3 best speculative moon shots for 2022

Charlie insists that investors must own a slice of not one, but three speculative cryptocurrencies. He calls them “the greatest Strike-It-Rich opportunities” she knows. In this special report, members will find out why she is optimistic about these three undervalued assets. Very little has been revealed about their usefulness at the time of writing and it looks like Charlie will hold onto the suspense until the very end.

Special Report No. 2. NFT, Token and Blockchain

Charlie believes that many investors do not fully use NFT, token or blockchain technology. Within this report, he will walk everyone through the steps to identify investments with incredible returns. He will also illustrate fakes and minions commonly found in this domain.

Special Report No. 3. 27 cryptocurrencies to SELL before they die

With over 18,000 cryptocurrencies and more being added to the market every day, Charlie insists 99% are ready to lose sooner rather than later. To help investors steer clear of these coins, Charlie and his team have since labeled 27 of the popularly known red flags that need to be sold off promptly. More details on this list can be gathered through the third special report.

As for the standard benefits of the Crypto Investor Network, they include:

Twelve monthly reports from the Crypto Investor Network they are released on the first Monday of each month. Charlie will provide an update on existing holdings and reveal the latest developments.

Full access 24/7 to the Crypto Investor Network member-only website full of his latest analysis, advice, recommendations and educational materials

Exclusive email alerts every week that reveal upcoming purchases and sales

How much does the Crypto Investor Network subscription cost?

Normally, the Crypto Investor Network membership is offered for $ 199, but as a special member price, Charlie will provide his service for $ 49 for the first year. Plus, each subscription will be protected by a 365-day money back guarantee. Suppose individuals do not find Charlie’s search useful for their respective model portfolios at any time of the year. If so, you can contact customer support for a full refund of the purchase price. That’s how:

  • E-mail: [email protected]
  • Phone: 1 (800) 784 0871
  • Postal address: 1125 N. Charles St, Baltimore, MD 21201

Who are Charlie Shrem and Luke Lango?

Charlie Shrem is a famous bitcoin legend. As a young computer programmer, Charlie was one of the first bitcoin investors to take a look at the white paper initiated by Satoshi Nakamoto. By the time the expert read this article, he realized that the now giant would transform America in unimaginable ways. In addition to becoming an early supporter, he:

  • He was one of the founding members of the Bitcoin Foundation (2012)
  • He held the position of vice president until his resignation in 2014
  • Advice and investment in more than two dozen digital currency companies
  • Started and managed numerous partnerships between cryptographic and non-cryptographic companies
  • “Untold Stories” podcast launched (2019)
  • It has been mentioned in Fortune, Forbes, CNN, 60 Minutes, TED Talks, Bloomberg, and The Wall Street Journal, to name a few.
  • He has appeared in numerous Netflix documentaries and best-selling books (e.g., Bitcoin Billionaires)

As for Luke Lango, he is a growth-focused investor and equity analyst who has set his sights on technology, small-cap stocks and cryptocurrencies with huge upside potential. To date, the expert has been credited for following his instincts. In terms of cryptocurrencies, he believes they are built on one of the most disruptive technologies since the internet. His results are quite impressive, as he:

  • I got involved with Fantastic, a venture capital-backed social discovery company that used Big Data and machine learning.
  • I graduated from Caltech with a BA in Economics
  • He is known for his passion for applying mathematics to sports
  • Previously he worked at a fintech startup, Scoutables, designing cash flow management models for professional sports organizations.
  • He was the founder and manager of L&F Capital Management, LLC, combining quantum analysis with behavioral economics
  • He is the publisher of Innovation investor, 10X Daily Stock Report, Early stage investor, Ultimate cryptoAnd Cryptocurrency network

Final verdict

Eventually, Charlie Shrem joined forces with Luke Lango to help the general public secure a wealth creation opportunity like never before. Charlie compares his findings to those of years ago, when he first bought Bitcoin for $ 5, a price we will probably never see again. By becoming a member of the Crypto Investor Network, that is to say, a service that focuses primarily on cryptocurrencies has an aggressive investor profile and requires investors to make low to moderate trades as deemed appropriate, expert information from two renowned investors will be provided. .

For the price paid, members get a lot more than we’ve ever seen. It would have been nice to have some tips along the way, but it seems like the only way to access that critical knowledge is to buy a one-year membership. Taking everything into consideration, investors need to be aware of the volatile nature of cryptocurrencies and the current global economy before investing. To find out more about The Perfect Crypto, visit here >>>.



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