January 31, 2023

WEST CHESTER, PA — Chester County Commissioner Michelle H. Kichline, an attorney with decades of government experience, is not seeking re-election to a third, four-year term as county commissioner.

Kichline, 55, of Tredyffrin Township, said she believes in term limits and knows other candidates have already announced they plan to run for a four-year term in 2024.

“That job was wonderful,” said Kichline, the only Republican on a three-member board overseeing a $600 million budget.

The other commissioners are Marian D. Moskowitz and Josh Maxwell, both Democrats.

work together

Kichline said all three commissioners are working together to improve the quality of life for all residents, including how to deal with the novel COVID-19 outbreak in 2020.

The Chester County Health Department had also taken over neighboring Delaware County during the pandemic before Delaware County opened its own health department last year.

“We are very fortunate to have a health department in Chester County,” she said. “You have the opportunity to touch the lives of local people. I grew up in Chester County.”

A graduate of Conestoga High School, Kichline has a bachelor’s degree in political science from the University of Pennsylvania and a law degree from Temple University’s Beasley School of Law.

Kichline, an education, local government and land use attorney, brings 25 years of local government experience to the table. Previously she was warden in Tredyffrin Township.

She was appointed commissioner by the Chester County Judiciary in 2014 to replace Ryan A. Costello after he was elected to Congress.

She won her first elected term in November 2015. She served as chairwoman for part of her term and ran again for a second term.

The commissioners earn an annual salary of $85,389 and the chairman $86,389.
Each party will field two candidates in the November elections.

The two Republican candidates who have announced their candidacy online are David Sommers, a teacher, and Eric Roe, a former state representative representing District 158 ​​in Chester County.

Kichline said there are likely other candidates who will run on the Republican ticket.

Kichline has one more year to serve as commissioner, a job that includes overseeing the county jail, childcare, transportation, youth facility, pension scheme, nursing home and more.

She particularly values ​​the opportunity to make an impact on improving the lives of the estimated 538,650 residents in the 759-square-mile, 67-community county.


During her nearly seven years as a commissioner, Kichline has spearheaded Chester County’s annual fall Opiate Awareness Walk, which raised funds to support the Warm Hands-off program at Chester County hospitals.

The program will allow those who are taken to a hospital’s emergency room for overdoses to be transferred to treatment facilities, rather than simply being given a phone number for a treatment facility.

She also focused on the $48 million Paoli train station improvement project, which features ADA improvements, parking lots and state-of-the-art platforms while preserving the historic facade.

The county has also been involved in numerous landscape conservation projects.
She hopes to complete a new $65 million train project in the city of Coatesville.

Kichline said the train will provide additional employment opportunities for city dwellers. The Amtrak project began in 2021 and is scheduled for completion in 2025.

What’s next?

Kichline said she hopes to continue working in areas she learned about while working as Commissioner, including the ongoing problem of addiction and immigration.

She noted that the migrant children who work on the mushroom farms in southern Chester County have an after-school program.

“There are so many great nonprofit organizations in Chester County,” she said.

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