February 4, 2023

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In 2021, the global toy market has grown strongly and has recorded its best performance in the last decade. With the rising standard of living, the rise of emerging markets and the increasing per capita consumption of children aged 0 to 9 worldwide, the toy industry has great growth potential.

According to the publisher’s analysis, China is the world’s largest toy producer and exporter, and China exports a large number of toys to the world market every year.

Toy animals is an important classification of traditional toys, product form from the animal kingdom of various animals. According to the editor’s analysis, China exported 2.223 billion toy animals in 2021, up 41.22% year on year, and exported US$3.262 billion, up 49.23% year on year. From January to October 2022, China exported 2.375 billion toy animals, up 36.43% year on year, and exported US$3.675 billion, up 46.42% year on year. Both export volume and export value have surpassed all of last year.

The average export price of toy animals from China gradually increased 7.33% year-on-year between 2018 and 2022 in the period 2018-2022 (January-October).

In 2021, China exported toy animals to more than one hundred and eighty countries and regions around the world, including by export volume, the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, the Russian Federation, Japan, Poland, Belgium, the Netherlands and Mexico are the main export destinations for Chinese toy animals.

The US is the largest destination for China’s toy animal exports. In 2021, China exported 770 million toy animals to the United States, accounting for 34.65% of the total toy animal exports that year, and exported US$1.330 billion, accounting for 40.77% of the total exports.

China is the world’s largest toy producer and exporter, with around 70% of the world’s toys made in China. Due to the advantages of low cost and a wide range of Chinese-made toys, the export volume of toy animals from China is expected to keep increasing in 2023-2032.

Topics covered:

  • China’s Children’s Toy Animals Export Status and Major Sources in 2018-2022

  • What is the impact of COVID-19 on China’s export of children’s toy animals?

  • Which companies are the major players in the China toy animals export market for children and what are their competitive measures?

  • Key Factors and Market Opportunities for China’s Export of Children’s Toy Animals

  • What are the Key Drivers, Challenges and Opportunities for China’s Children’s Toy Animals Exports in 2023-2032?

  • What is the expected revenue from China’s export of children’s toy animals in 2023-2032?

  • What strategies are the key market players adopting to increase their market share in the industry?

  • What are the Competitive Advantages of the Major Players in the China Child Toy Animals Export Market?

  • Which segment of China’s export of children’s toy animals is expected to dominate the market in 2032?

  • What are the main adverse factors affecting China’s export of children’s toy animals?

Main topics covered:

1. 2018-2022 China’s Toy Animal Export Analysis

1.1. China’s toy animal export scale

1.1.1. China’s toy animal export volume

1.1.2. China’s export value of toy animals

1.1.3. China’s toy animal export price

1.2. China’s top toy animal export destinations

1.2.1. By export volume

1.2.2. By export value

2. 2018-2022 China Plush Toys Export Analysis

2.1. Export volume of plush toys

2.2. Export value of plush toys

2.3. Export price of plush toys

2.4 Export Analysis of Various Plush Toys

2.4.1. Export volume of various plush toys and animals

2.4.2. Export Value of Various Plush Toys and Animals

2.4.3. Export price for various plush toys and animals

2.5 Export Destinations of Plush Toys

2.5.1. By export volume

2.5.2. By export value

3. 2018-2022 China Plastic Toy Animals Export Analysis

3.1. Export volume of plastic toy animals

3.2. Export value of plastic toy animals

3.3. plastic toy animals export price

3.4. Plastic Toy Animals Export Analysis by Type

3.4.1. Export volume of plastic toys and animals

3.4.2. Export value of plastic toys and animals

3.4.3. Export price of plastic toy animals

3.5. Export destinations for plastic toy animals

3.5.1. By export volume

3.5.2. By export value

4. 2018-2022 China Metal Toy Animals Export Analysis

4.1. Export volume of metal toy animals

4.2. Metal Toys Exports by Volume

4.3. Metal toy animals export price

4.4. Export Analysis of Various Types of Metal Toy Animals

4.4.1. Export volume of various metal toy animals

4.4.2. Export value of various metal toy animals

4.4.3. Export price of various metal toy animals

4.5 Export Destinations of Metal Toys and Animals

4.5.1. By export volume

4.5.2. By export value

5. 2018-2022 China Other Toy Animals Export Analysis

5.1. Other toy animals export volume

5.2. Other Toy Animals Export Value

5.3. Export price for other toy animals

5.4. Other Toy Animals Export Analysis by Type

5.4.1. Export volume of various other toy animals

5.4.2. Export Value of Various Other Toy Animals

5.4.3. Export price of various other toy animals

5.5 Other Export Destinations of Toy Animals

5.5.1. By export volume

5.5.2. By export value

6. 2018-2022 Analysis of China Toy Animals Top Export Destinations

6.1. United States

6.2. Germany

6.3. United Kingdom

6.4. Italy

6.5. Russian Federation

6.6. Other export destinations

7. China’s Toy Animal Export Prospects, 2023-2032

7.1 Factors Affecting China’s Toy Animal Exports

7.1.1. favorable factors

7.1.2. unfavorable factors

7.2. China’s Toy Animal Export Forecast, 2023-2032

7.2.1. Export volume forecast

7.2.2. Forecast of the most important export destinations

7.2.3. Forecast of the main export toy animal categories

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