January 29, 2023

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Caitlin Clark added another accomplishment to her ornate Iowa resume.

She had 28 points, 15 assists and 10 rebounds as No. 10 Iowa defeated No. 2 Ohio State 83-72 on Monday night.

Though Clark is known as a prolific goalscorer and leading NCAA Division I in double digits behind 72 straight games, she was down throughout against the Buckeyes.

And that’s the player she wants to be.

“That’s exactly what I’m proud of, being able to do a lot of different things on the basketball court for my team,” Clark said. “These are players I grew up with. Sam Logic, who used to play here at the University of Iowa, was also a triple-double queen. I love people who can shoot the ball. I love people who could pass the ball.”

Monika Czinano added 22 points for Iowa (16-4, 8-1 Big Ten).

Iowa’s 12-point lead near the middle of the third quarter shrank to three, with 9:05 in the fourth. Ohio State’s Cotie McMahon scored five of her 21 points in the final quarter, but Czinano went 3-for-3 in the fourth quarter to keep the Buckeyes at bay.

“I think we were together the whole game,” Clark said. “They went on their runs. We changed the defense. We couldn’t score a bit in the third quarter. And I thought we really stepped up and showed our maturity, and that’s what it takes not only in the Big Ten, but when you get into the NCAA tournament.

The Hawkeyes kept Ohio State scoreless for more than 2 1/2 minutes in the fourth quarter, allowing Czinano and Iowa to take a 13-point lead with 3:11 remaining.

Ohio State (19-1, 8-1) gave another try and went out 4-of-9 in the last three minutes, but the Hawkeyes made all eight tries at the free-throw line to seal the win.

“They just came in to have that warrior mentality, and I thought we nailed that,” said Iowa coach Lisa Bluder. “I could just name person by person. They all did a great job and I’m really proud of them. That’s a big win.”

Ohio State shot 38%, its worst in five games, and 16% from 3-point range, its lowest mark of the season. Taylor Thierry scored 20 points and had nine rebounds.

“I don’t think we asked anyone to do anything they couldn’t do, but we just didn’t get a lot of shots,” Ohio State coach Kevin McGuff said. “You’re not going to hit Iowa the way they guarded us if that was the case.”


Clark’s 28 points, 15 assists and 10 rebounds helped her become the second Division I male or female to hit a triple-double against an AP Top Two opponent since 1999-2000, and joined Dwyane Wade in the did so during the 2002 NCAA men’s tournament. 03

It was the eighth triple-double of Clark’s career.

“I don’t have to do 30 points every night. It’s the 25 and 10 and 10 that really helps us to be super, super successful because that means we have multiple people contributing to it,” Clark said. “They guard everyone on the floor. They guard people from the bank. And that is the recipe for success if you want to become an NCAA champion.”


Without McKenna Warnock, who didn’t play after the first 19 games of the season and is Iowa’s third-leading scorer, the Hawkeyes relied on others to step up.

Kate Moore contributed 13 points and 11 rebounds, Hannah Stuelke grabbed 13 rebounds, and Czinano went off the field with 11 of 13. Czinano was a perfect 4 of 4 while close to foul trouble in the second half.


Iowa’s win is the highest ranking win in the program’s history.

“It hasn’t sunk in yet,” Bluder said. “These women are so amazing. I’m so proud of her. It’ll probably settle down tomorrow and then we’ll have to get ready for Nebraska.”


Iowa: Revenues remained an issue for the NCAA’s No. 2 leading scorer even after the Hawkeyes lost a season-high 20 times in overtime to Michigan State on Wednesday. Iowa had 17 giveaways against the Ohio State press defense, including 11 in the second half.

Ohio State: The 19-game season-opening winning streak came to an end. The Buckeyes went 4-0 against top 25 opponents this season, and the challenge won’t let up as their next matchup will be against a top 10 conference opponent.

“One of the things I said to them was, ‘Out of tonight, I think we’ve been fine with winning for the most part — now you’ve got to deal with losing,'” McGuff said.


Iowa: Host Nebraska on Saturday.

Ohio State: Travels to Indiana No. 6 on Thursday.

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