February 5, 2023

LAURA JAMESON/Representatives of the Express Clinton County Community Foundation are shown Wednesday at their annual meeting at the Ross Library, from left in the front row are Julie Anderson, Michael Frank, Darlene Weaver, Elizabeth Arnold and Alan Lugg Jr. Back from left is Bob Rolley, Rev. Don Grant, Rick Riccardo, and Stuart Hall, Esq. Not pictured are Lynn Maggs, who attended the meeting virtually, Michele Terry, who came later, and Doug Miller.

LOCK HAVEN — Over 60 regional organizations will benefit from over $592,170 in grants awarded by the Clinton County Community Foundation for 2023.

Despite the snow, rain and ice, the Board of Trustees pushed ahead with its annual meeting Wednesday afternoon at the Ross Library, selecting recipients from a pool of more than 70 applicants who asked for a total of nearly $635.00 in grant funding.

Of the $592,170 awarded, $187,338 was previously used for various purposes, including $14,352 for a variety of scholarships.

Recipients can expect a letter of approval before the grants are disbursed, Lugg said.

The following organizations have been approved for 2023 funding by CCCF:

A Woman’s Concern Pregnancy Resource Clinic, $10,000

American Red Cross North Central Pennsylvania Chapter, $4,000

Annie Halenbake Ross Library (Library of Friends), $1,893

Annie Halenbake Ross Library, $927

Annie Halenbake Ross Library, $10,000

Annie Halenbake Ross Library (traveling library), $2,193

Artpost Awareness Inc., $906

Avis Borough (Recreational Committee), $3,500

Beech Creek Volunteer Fire Co., $20,000

Bucktail Medical Center, $32,187

Budstock Music Festival, $1,500

Central Pennsylvania Food Bank, $7,000

Citizen’s Hose Co. No. 28 by South Renovo, $5,000

City of Lock Haven, Beach, $2,500

City of Lock Haven Summer Concerts, $5,000

Clinton County Camp Cadet, $7,000

Clinton County Arts Council LH Jams, $7,150

Clinton County CleanScapes, Inc. Recycling Event, $7,500

Clinton County Conservation District, Garden, $1,000

Clinton County Conservation, Farm City, $1,500

Clinton County Economic Partnership Foundation, $5,000

Clinton County Fair Association Inc., $30,000

Clinton County Fire Department $2,800

Clinton County Government/Planning Department, BEVT, $2,000

Clinton County Healthy Communities (Dental Clinic), $5,128

Clinton County Housing Coalition, Inc. Furnace Water Heater, $5,300

Clinton County Police Camp Cadet, $7,000

Clinton County SPCA Spay Day, $7,675

Clinton County SPCA Trap Neuter, $11,725

Clinton County United Way, Dolly Parton Library, $10,000

Deacon Community Services, Native Plant Project, $1,000

Dogwood Circle Garden Club, Gardens, $1,100

Downtown Lock Haven, Inc. Event Support, $12,800

Flemington Borough, Park, $3,950

Free Enterprise Foundation, $4,170

Goodwill Hose Co. #3 training kits, $1,500

Goodwill Hose Co Ambulance Association, Lighting Kit, $15,100

Greater Renovo Area Heritage Park, concert series, $3,000

Greater Renovo Heritage Park, Magic in the Air, $2,000

Helping Hands at United, $1,000

Horses of Hope Training, $2,000

Horses of Hope Sponsorship, $3,440

Infant Development Program, Inc., $4,100

Lamar Twp. Volunteer Fire Department Co., $10,920

Lock Haven Area Shoe Bench, $7,500

Kent Fest, $5,000

Mill Hall Fire Co., portable pump, $4,377

Millbrook Playhouse Senior and Veteran Patron Program, $8,500

Nittany Valley Volunteer Fire Co., Lighting, $5,000

PA State Flaming Foliage Festival, digital sign, $5,000

Penn State Extension, 4-H Rabbits, Poultry Shows, $16,592

Porter Township, Pavilions, $20,000

Porter Township, playground equipment, $10,000

Renovo Borough, flags and banners, $2,890

River Valley Regional YMCA-Lock Haven, $1,515

South Renovo Borough, playground improvements, $1,000

St. Paul’s Food Bank, $3,000

UPMC Lock Haven, $4,320

The Salvation Army of Lock Haven, Emergency Feeding Program, $10,000

Western Clinton County Recreation Authority, equipment, tables, chairs, $4,933

Woolrich Volunteer Fire Department. Co., UTV trailer, $4,387

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