College football top plays: Penn State vs. Purdue, Minnesota in action

week 1 college football The season starts with a special game on Thursday night.

Currently, the Pittsburgh 17 is traveling back and forth with West Virginia.

Elsewhere, Purdue and Penn State have a Top 10 battle on FOX, and Minnesota is hosting New Mexico.

Earlier, No. 12 Oklahoma State beat Central Michigan 58-44 after the Chippewas recovered from a 26-point deficit to make it a two-point game.

Here are the top games on Thursday night as Week 1 begins.

Purdue University Pennsylvania State University


Penn State QB Sean Clifford had a pivotal third run in the second quarter for a 12-yard touchdown back-to-back with perimeter Mitchell Tinsley for the Nittany Lions The team took the lead and earned their first TD of the season.

Sean Clifford shows composure on Penn State’s opening TD

Sean Clifford shows composure on Penn State's opening TD

Sean Clifford avoided the pressure and threw an impressive touchdown to Mitchell Tinsley to give Penn State an early 7-3 lead over Purdue.

too difficult

Purdue’s King Doerue went straight to Penn State’s defense — stiff arms and all — on his way to the end zone to give the Boilermakers a 10-7 lead early in the second quarter.

back to back

The Nittany Lions completed back-to-back touchdowns before halftime.

First, Clifford All the way to the finish zone six points.Then they use Turnover 67-yard TD by Brenton Strange.

king of ground games

Purdue’s Doerue helped cut the gap to 21-17 with a 2-yard TD run in the third quarter.

Minnesota New Mexico

Hot Start

Minnesota is No. 1 on the board as star running back Mohamed Ibrahim returns to the Golden Gophers this year for his sixth season.

Meanwhile, in Minneapolis…

double trouble

Ibrahim started the second quarter the same way he started the first — scoring.Then, Minnesota sneak in one As the clock is over in the first half.

And just like that, the Golden Gophers jumped out at halftime to take a 24-0 lead.

Pittsburgh No. 17 West Virginia

how did he draw it

WVU freaked out when quarterback JT Daniels from Georgia batted, but the Climbers had a good run this time around.

Come over!

WVU took the lead in the second quarter when Bryce Ford-Wheaton opened the Jets for a 10-yard TD.

go all out

West Virginia was strong on the special team early in the third quarter, blocking Pete’s throw that led to a short and quick run by the Climbers.

fight back

Pete answered with back-to-back runs to end the third quarter.First, Daniel Carter easily found the end zone after huge gain From Jared Wayne. Then, thanks to Rodney Hammond, Pitt regained the lead.

follow the trend

Daniels reconnects with Ford-Wheaton again, this time for 16-yard TD, then himself QB sneak On the Panthers’ next possession, they led 31-24 early in the fourth quarter.

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12 Oklahoma State University No. 58, Central Michigan No. 44

Come visit!

Oklahoma State got to the board first when John Paul Richardson got a 45-yard touchdown from a fast pass from QB Spencer Sanders.

John Paul Richardson shows off his athleticism in 45-yard TD

John Paul Richardson shows off his athleticism in 45-yard TD

John Paul Richardson helped the Oklahoma State Cowboys get their first touchdown of the season thanks to an impressive first-quarter reception.


Central Michigan was quick to respond with a score of its own early in the first quarter.

so easy

Oklahoma’s defense shines, mandatory security The Cowboys led 9-7 with less than a minute left in the opening game.

Oklahoma State extended its lead to 16-7 as the first quarter ended.

Spencer Sanders extends Oklahoma State lead

Spencer Sanders extends Oklahoma State lead

Spencer Sanders’ electric 17-yard rushing touchdown gave the Oklahoma Cowboys a 16-7 lead over Central Michigan.

When Ming is a blockbuster

Sanders & Co. continues to pour it on Chippewas as the second quarter begins.

Sanders connects with Braden Johnson for 13-yard TD

Sanders connects with Braden Johnson for 13-yard TD

QB Spencer Sanders had a 13-yard touchdown with Braydon Johnson to give Oklahoma State a 23-7 lead.

more of the same

Midway through the second inning, Sanders found running back Jaden Nixon, who took off 17 yards scoring Thanks to some fancy footwork.

In the ensuing drive, Sanders came up with a TD for his second sprint of the day. And just like that, it was a 30-point game, 37-7.

deja vu

Central Michigan appears in subsequent lanes thanks to RB Lew Nichols clip 4 yards into the finish zone. Chippewas followed with a successful two-point conversion.

However, it didn’t take long for Oklahoma State to fire back, with a punch from Dominic Richardson to take a 44-15 lead into the break.

no deceleration

The Cowboys restarted right where they left off in the second half. Sanders found Bryson Green in the corner of the end zone for a quick score.

Spencer Sanders finds Bryson Green’s 7-yard TD

Spencer Sanders finds Bryson Green for 7-yard TD

Oklahoma Cowboys QB Spencer Sanders came in for his sixth touchdown, connecting with Bryson Green on a 7-yard TD pass.

hot hand

CMU was quick to answer as Jalen McGaughy struggled to pass under the pressure of Chippewas’ TD.

find footing

Then, Central Michigan wrapped up a three-game 39-yard run and another TD closed the gap 51-28.

back and forth

Both teams traded TDs late in the fourth quarter.Oregon State’s Zach Middleton hits the ball for Cowboys — theirs Seventh TD of the night — It was followed by CMU’s Nichols for a 15-yard TD.

too little too late

Despite the loss, CMU had the final say in this game as McGaughy finished with a 54-yard TD catch.

CMU’s Daniel Richardson connects with Jalen McGaughy for 54-yard TD

CMU's Daniel Richardson connects with Jalen McGaughy for 54-yard TD

QB Daniel Richardson and Jalen McGaughy had a 54-yard touchdown.

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