Colonel Crawford volleyball sweeps N10 foe Bucyrus

BUCYRUS. Things went much better Thursday night for Colonel Crawford.

After being canceled at home by Buckeye Central in the opening of the Northern 10, the Eagles bounced back on the road to Bucyrus with a courageous 3-0 win (25-14, 25-21, 25-20) for their first match in the league.

“It was a good win for us, especially after the tough defeat to Buckeye,” said Colonel Crawford’s coach Taylor Heiby. “We knew tonight wasn’t going to be easy because they’ve definitely changed from the past, so I told my girls to play our game. And we did. We came out strong, but sometimes we got a big lead and then they’d come back.

“Other than that, I was proud of them. Our serve game was much better today than it was on Tuesday.”

Colonel Crawford started strong by dominating the opening set which allowed Bucyrus to score three consecutive points just twice before taking a 1-0 lead.

The second came much closer with Bucyrus jumping 5-2 ahead before the Eagles bounced back to take a 10-7 lead. Ties at 15-15, 18-18 and 19-19 kept him interesting late, but Colonel Crawford won six of the last eight points.

And the third was a set of points, Colonel Crawford started 6-0 before Bucyrus won 11 of the next 13. But even though the final set was close, 11-11 was the last draw as Bucyrus is not managed to get one point closer than the last 23 played and the Eagles closed the sweep.

“I was happy with our battle after the first set,” said Bucyrus manager Amber Christy. “I’ve been happy with some of our smart decisions, but we have so much to work on. Everyone tells me this is a growing process, I can’t expect them to do it all at once. We struggle in three rotations at the net because we don’t have height. Our girls have to learn to think faster and understand that this is a new Bucyrus volleyball, we have to start looking at this different. Forget what happened in the last few years, we have to move on. “

And there were certainly times when you could tell that Bucyrus had forgotten the Bucyrus of yore.

“In this whole league, anyone can beat anyone,” Christy said. “Crawford is supposed to be up there in the league, but I thought we showed some greatness. They would be down, I would call a timeout and take them some, then they would go back and get into it. The one important thing. what we must learn to do is communicate on the floor, no one expects anything from anyone “.

It was the first time Heiby and Christy had met since they were on the staff together. When Christy was at Colonel Crawford, Heiby was her assistant and on her departure took over the program. Now in Bucyrus, this was probably the first of many encounters between them.

“It was definitely different, but it was fun,” Heiby said. “My girls played well tonight, and it was exciting for them too, because some of them also had her as a coach.”

And as soon as the match was over, Christy was already trying to figure out how her team can improve with another big match coming next week.

“They don’t trust each other yet,” he said. “We had three balls in the first fall on the lines and the person who played the ball thought the ball was out, but no one called the ball out. Your job is to play that ball, if someone calls, let it go. Those are just things we need to move forward are small steps.

“We just have to not give up right now. I’m eager to see how they react to that and how they get back next week. We have Wynford next week, it’s a game of rivalry.”

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