January 31, 2023

BEACHWOOD, OH, January 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — ARC Health, a portfolio company of Thurston Group, announced the acquisition of the Colorado Center for Clinical Excellence (CCCE). located in Denver, Colothey are a group of mental health care providers dedicated to feedback-based treatment and research, offering dual-site psychotherapy and group therapy for individuals and couples, adults and adolescents.

(PRNews photo/ARC Health)

(PRNews photo/ARC Health)

Founded by Jason Seidel, psi. D., CGP, CCCE specializes in providing expert psychotherapy for clients who have had limited success with previous therapies. “We serve them by processing a wide range of overwhelming or complicated experiences and challenges that keep them from feeling good about their lives and about themselves,” Seidel explained.

Jason Seidel is a Licensed Psychologist, AGPA-Certified Group Psychotherapist and Director of the CCCE. Previously Dr. Seidel is a research psychologist at the National Institute of Mental Health and served for 10 years as Research Director of the International Center for Clinical Excellence. There he worked at the forefront of integrating client feedback and clinical training to improve the effectiveness of psychotherapy. Seidel has been in the field of measuring psychotherapy outcomes for over 20 years, serving on expert panels, training large organizations, and publishing numerous peer-reviewed research articles.

Seidel explained that it has become increasingly difficult for highly qualified psychotherapists with expert knowledge to assert themselves against demanding and financially strong competitors. He believes “ARC Health represents our greatest hope for world-class business support to underpin our clinical expertise so we can more effectively serve our clients whose futures, relationships and lives are at stake.”

Vince MorraCEO of ARC Health, says: “CCCE is a great addition, not only because they expand our footprint in this space Coloradobut also for their dedication to educating and educating evidence-based therapists who are focused on achieving better outcomes.”

About ARC Health

ARC Health is a leading group of mental health practices who have come together as partners while maintaining their individual identities. Their forward-thinking and supportive partnership with mental health providers is designed to drive success through a collaborative network. ARC Health’s business model pioneers a unified, provider-centric approach that strengthens clinical autonomy while uniting as partners who own capital.

About the Thurston Group

The Thurston Group is a private equity firm focused on building industry-leading companies in the healthcare and related business services sectors. thurston has an extensive track record of working with physicians and building fast-growing healthcare companies including ARC Health, Smile Doctors, US Endo Partners, US Oral Surgery Management, South Georgia Dental Management, Gen4 Dental Partners, Options Medical Weight Loss and US Orthopedic Partners . In its 37 year history, the Thurston Group has more than returned $4 billion of the invested capital.

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